22 MINUTE HARD CORPS #getsome first sneak peek at my results


Friend!!!! I am soooo excited to share this with you!!!
I had the most amazing opportunity being selected to test out this new
22 Minute Hard Corps 
workout program before the rest of the World!!! 22 Minute Hard Corps with the man
Tony Horton is AMAZING!!! You don't understand!!! It is crazy how different I feel compared to how I felt in January!!!

Check out some of my test group buddies transformations as well

Is it easy? NO.
Is it awesome? YES
Will you be able to do it? Heck yes!!! There's modifications so don't panic.

The meal plan is VERY simple to follow! very flexible!  

22 minutes a day! 8 weeks!

the workouts REALLY are 22 minutes and you get the sandbag as a special treat from me! It will make you feel pretty badass let me tell ya!

What you get is total body conditioning with military style training, that will get you in the best shape of your life. Busy busy?? So what? You have 22 minutes. Don't tell me you don't. the workouts are challenging but you can modify if you need to.  whatever it takes to get it done.  as the days go by, you will build strength and endurance and you will keep improving.  

Do you want to join me for Round 2? Get your Challenge Pack now to get your Program, Shakeology to replace one meal a day and the Sandbag!!! it is my new best friend.... I invite you to be my battle buddy!  you also have the option to skip Shakeology and instead get Energize, amazing preworkout formula to give you energy to get the most out of your workout and Recover, post workout Shake.  PERFORMANCE LINE -> more info

Click on this link my friend so i can send you the info and add you to the accountability group where i'll be leading the entire crew!!!  ----->>>> CHALLENGE GROUP APPLICATION FORM

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Whey Protein to Rebuild Muscle

Some argue that you don't really nutritional add-ons to your daily fitness and nutrition routine and some others swear by their super powers.  

I have experienced both ways.... and one thing is for sure.... it's a personal choice. 

In my own experience, I have been using the Beachbody Performance line lately and i can notice a huge huge difference in results.... more lean muscle and quicker recovery.  For the love of God I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon last week and woke up the next day with some soreness but towards the middle of the day I was able to function properly and even complete my Monday workout routine....  It does make a difference.... and I highly recommend post workout you drink a Whey Protein shake, within 30-45 minutes after you finsih your workout.  It is timed so you really don't need to worry about it's calories but you do want to get something that is high quality and with clean ingredients.  

It's purpose is not to replace a meal... For example, if you workout in the morning, this wouldnt be your breakfast, this would be your post workout recovery drink.  It goes straight to the muscles helping rebuild muscle tissue after intense workouts.  It will also help control your appetite during the day. I like to drink mine in water, with ice and a little cinammon.  Shake in a shaker cup and drink that puppy super quick! Then i would have breakfast, usually oats and egg whites within two hours after. 

Most commercial brands are filled with junk sadly.  Look for one with as few igredients as possible and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

This is the one I drink and recommend.  CLICK HERE

 To learn more and perhaps give it a try... plus other supplements in the same line.... hint hint... the preworkout ENERGIZE IS AMAZING!!!!  You are going to get even better results becaUse you'll have more energy and stamina! you will get an extra boost, without harmful ingredients!  


EXCITING DAY TODAY!!!! Today is the day that you can try a FULL WORKOUT from the not-yet-released 22 Minute Hard Corps program FOR FREE!!!! 22 minutes of sweaty awesomeness!!  
Check out why this program is my new FAVORITE program in the entire catalog!!!! I am so excited that you get this one day only sneak peek so you call can see what I've been up to!!!!
If you have Beachbody On Demand already, simple log in and you'll be able to access the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout! If you don't yet have it, you can get a free 30 day trial by signing up here!
This is the ONLY place that you'll be able to stream from and signing up for the free trial only takes a minute. After that, you will get to keep your access to Beachbody On Demand for a whole month and you'll have access to all the streaming workouts on there. It's kind of like the Netflix of workouts!!! So #BOD and not chill, sweat instead!! 

 I love everything about it! It's challenging without being impossible. It's short and intense and structured in a way that time FLIES by, you sweat and you get challenged! But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself TODAY!
I was skeptical about the "only 22 minutes" because I didnt think it would be ENOUGH! But it is!!! it's total body conditioning in one! love it!  This busy mom of 3 does not have the time or the heart to spend a lot of time working out. 

OK, SO ARE YOU READY TO GIVE IT A TRY....... take a #selfie, enter the #22minuteharcorps #sweeps and win!!!

Try Tony Horton's new workout featured on Beachbody On Demand this Sunday (TOMORROW) and post a photo or video of you killin' the workout on Instagram or Twitter with ‪#‎22MinuteHardCorps‬ and ‪#‎Sweeps‬!
You could be one of 22 people randomly chosen to win big! It's that easy! Don't forget, it's happening TODAY ONLY!!!
$500 + 22 Min Hard Corps Base Kit Signed by Tony Horton + the brand new Beachbody Sandbag + Full Beachbody Performance Stack tubs!
How to play: 
1.Complete the full 22 Min Hard Corps Sneak Peek workout – Cardio 1 (22 minutes!)
2.Take a photo or video of you working out to the Sneak Peek with BOD visible in the background
3.Share a Tony Horton quote from the sneak peek to Twitter or Instagram. In the caption of your post
4. Include the hashtags ‪#‎22MinuteHardCorps‬ and ‪#‎Sweeps‬
 Let's get you all ready to #PUSHPLAY  today! All you need to be able to access this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek is to have access to Beachbody On Demand! Beachbody's online catalog of streaming workouts. Beachbody On Demand (#BOD) is normally $2.99/week but you can get a month for free when you sign up with the link below! The workout will be pushed live exclusively for On Demand members so you need to get all signed up right away so you can log in and participate! After that, you'll still have an entire month of access to all the other streaming workouts in the catalog! woohoo!!!! and I get to be your coach! 
(No charges happen for this trial. If when your month is up you don't want BOD anymore, simply cancel and you won't be charged!)

and if you would like more info on the program and possibly considering going or it... let me know by completing this ..... http://goo.gl/forms/IcQ5Z9bEJj

Weightloss is more about what happens on the inside than the scale

I just glanced through a Facebook post a friend shared. It was a blogpost about how if Oprah, who is such a successful person, millionaire who has inspired and helped thousands and thousands of people around the world, still struggles with her own weightloss, maybe it's impossible for the average woman.  Stating that perhaps if Oprah hasn't been able to do it, it probably is impossible to do it. 

Then my own story came to mind. I'm not going to say that being thin makes you successful.  Not at all. I believe than in doing it the right way, focusing on a personal journey of improvement, change, self love & growth it does trigger changes inside of you that empower you. 

I started my journey at 220lbs. I was in it just to lose some weight so I could fit in the clothes I had in storage in the basement. As I moved forward I realized that there was more for me. I discovered strengths I didn't know I had. I found weaknesses and constantly do. I found a community of uplifting people who encourage and challenge me in ways I never had before. 

I'm not saying all these opportunities I have come my way showed up because I lost weight. Not at all. I wish it was that simple. They came about because of the changes that happened on the inside that were hiding under insecurities and self doubt, emotions hidden behind plates and plates of food and sweets. 

There was this other woman hiding behind layers of fat that had to go so that she could find herself. 

You just never know what opportunities will come to you but I do know that your first priority should be loving yourself, feeling happy and taking care of your health.  Do what you feel is right. For some it may be staying the same. That's fine. For some it may mean changing their lifestyle and allow the universe to do their thing. 

Do you sister! Be happy and love yourself. 


Hi!!! Hope all is going well with you!!! I’ve received a few messages asking me when the next challenge group is and it occurred to me that this would be probably a good opportunity to reach out to you and tell you about my upcoming challenge group…. it’s all about loving yourself and making yourself a priority this coming weeks… the purpose of course is to make changes and learn new habits that will continue to lead us to a healthier, happier more fulfilling lifestyle…..

I really hope you give it a little bit of thought and join us.  It’s a closed group on facebook…. or we can also connect via email… let’s chat about it…
this is the info on the challenge group.  it would be super helpful if before we chat you give me a little more background on where you are right now and what your goal is… the questions are also here on this link  (super quick)  

Also wanted to share this yummy and super easy recipe for a sweet but healthy Valentine’s day treat… hope you like it…

Last but not least….. how are you feeling??? What kind of results are you getting? How is your health? your fitness? I’m here to help you…. and I’d love to hear your story… for some of us this journey is harder than for others… you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you succeed…. join me. Let’s go over your meals, your routine, your goals… let’s set up a plan to get you to that goal you set from the day you said YES to Beachbody.
This is me… I’m human.  I’m a person just like you. I’m a mom of 3, married to Coach Carlos Chavez, living in Orlando Florida… and working on our dreams… one of my biggest ones… make an impact in a lot of people’ lives… Don’t be afraid to reach out… you can always find me also on Facebook: Coach Paula Chavez and also on Instagram: @coachpaulachavez.  Follow me, tag me, share your stories with me. Let’s connect. <3
If you started this year saying…. 2016 is going to be my year… let’s make it happen together!!!


P.S.: looking for fun, enthusiastic friends to join our team!! Have you ever been curious about what Coaches do? Would you like to learn more?

Love YOURSELF enough to live a healthier lifestyle!

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We are so guilty of prioritizing our children, mom duties, and work over

 our own health and fitness. I'm pretty sure you o as well, it's our 

nature. We are moms first and everything else takes second place. 

Let's face it: we are some busy, busy women.

If we don't take care of ourselves, eventually it takes a take a toll on us

 and the ones we love. Our clothes don't fit, our energy levels stink, we

 feel frustrated and kind of mad at ourselves... So how about together 

we change that? would you be willing to try my way? 

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I am looking for 5 busy moms for my February group. 

We will commit to

 taking care of ourselves with 30 minute workouts, simple nutrition, 

budget and family friendly recipes. I will share what I've learned and

 how I've made health and fitness work in my life as a working mom 

and wife. We will support each other and keep one another accountable

 so we don't fall into the habit of putting ourselves on the back burner.

 heart emoticon give yourself some love mommy. This is a good place to

 start and please do not feel guilty about it. I promise everything is 

going to change for good. You'll be more productive, energetic, clear 

mind, you'll look great, and it will rub off to the rest of the family. 

I will be your coach throughout this journey!! <3 and from this point on we will keep each other accountable and motivated for life!! 

Comment below or message me if you're ready to make this change - 

we begin preparations next week! BUT space is limited. 

Email  618fitness@gmail.com or complete application below

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