Hi!!! Hope all is going well with you!!! I’ve received a few messages asking me when the next challenge group is and it occurred to me that this would be probably a good opportunity to reach out to you and tell you about my upcoming challenge group…. it’s all about loving yourself and making yourself a priority this coming weeks… the purpose of course is to make changes and learn new habits that will continue to lead us to a healthier, happier more fulfilling lifestyle…..

I really hope you give it a little bit of thought and join us.  It’s a closed group on facebook…. or we can also connect via email… let’s chat about it…
this is the info on the challenge group.  it would be super helpful if before we chat you give me a little more background on where you are right now and what your goal is… the questions are also here on this link  (super quick)  

Also wanted to share this yummy and super easy recipe for a sweet but healthy Valentine’s day treat… hope you like it…

Last but not least….. how are you feeling??? What kind of results are you getting? How is your health? your fitness? I’m here to help you…. and I’d love to hear your story… for some of us this journey is harder than for others… you don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to help you succeed…. join me. Let’s go over your meals, your routine, your goals… let’s set up a plan to get you to that goal you set from the day you said YES to Beachbody.
This is me… I’m human.  I’m a person just like you. I’m a mom of 3, married to Coach Carlos Chavez, living in Orlando Florida… and working on our dreams… one of my biggest ones… make an impact in a lot of people’ lives… Don’t be afraid to reach out… you can always find me also on Facebook: Coach Paula Chavez and also on Instagram: @coachpaulachavez.  Follow me, tag me, share your stories with me. Let’s connect. <3
If you started this year saying…. 2016 is going to be my year… let’s make it happen together!!!


P.S.: looking for fun, enthusiastic friends to join our team!! Have you ever been curious about what Coaches do? Would you like to learn more?

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