Becoming Cize live Instructor

We only get better by learning and improving our skills.... Today I am on my way to challenge myself to a totally new adventure. Never thought I would be doing this but yet, here I am... 3 hour road trip to become a #cizelive instructor. 

Sometimes I forget how much I love my job! But in quiet moments like this I can't help but be grateful about all the opportunities and life change that my weightloss journey has been. 

I just wanted to lose a few lbs to be able to fit in my clothes but then it became a passion. Working out became something fun that onlooker forward to every day. I hated it before.  I hated the jumping, getting my hair all sweaty and curly, but the feeling.... I couldn't stop wanting to feel good every day. 

And fast forward, 6 years.... Here I am, sharing my journey live and virtually with hopes to inspire others to find their joy through exercise and building a community of support and inspiration. #mastertrainer #insanitylive #beachbodycoach #mom #wife 

Lots of hats..... But one same passion for life! 💜