EXCITING DAY TODAY!!!! Today is the day that you can try a FULL WORKOUT from the not-yet-released 22 Minute Hard Corps program FOR FREE!!!! 22 minutes of sweaty awesomeness!!  
Check out why this program is my new FAVORITE program in the entire catalog!!!! I am so excited that you get this one day only sneak peek so you call can see what I've been up to!!!!
If you have Beachbody On Demand already, simple log in and you'll be able to access the 22 Minute Hard Corps workout! If you don't yet have it, you can get a free 30 day trial by signing up here!
This is the ONLY place that you'll be able to stream from and signing up for the free trial only takes a minute. After that, you will get to keep your access to Beachbody On Demand for a whole month and you'll have access to all the streaming workouts on there. It's kind of like the Netflix of workouts!!! So #BOD and not chill, sweat instead!! 

 I love everything about it! It's challenging without being impossible. It's short and intense and structured in a way that time FLIES by, you sweat and you get challenged! But don't take my word for it. Try it for yourself TODAY!
I was skeptical about the "only 22 minutes" because I didnt think it would be ENOUGH! But it is!!! it's total body conditioning in one! love it!  This busy mom of 3 does not have the time or the heart to spend a lot of time working out. 

OK, SO ARE YOU READY TO GIVE IT A TRY....... take a #selfie, enter the #22minuteharcorps #sweeps and win!!!

Try Tony Horton's new workout featured on Beachbody On Demand this Sunday (TOMORROW) and post a photo or video of you killin' the workout on Instagram or Twitter with ‪#‎22MinuteHardCorps‬ and ‪#‎Sweeps‬!
You could be one of 22 people randomly chosen to win big! It's that easy! Don't forget, it's happening TODAY ONLY!!!
$500 + 22 Min Hard Corps Base Kit Signed by Tony Horton + the brand new Beachbody Sandbag + Full Beachbody Performance Stack tubs!
How to play: 
1.Complete the full 22 Min Hard Corps Sneak Peek workout – Cardio 1 (22 minutes!)
2.Take a photo or video of you working out to the Sneak Peek with BOD visible in the background
3.Share a Tony Horton quote from the sneak peek to Twitter or Instagram. In the caption of your post
4. Include the hashtags ‪#‎22MinuteHardCorps‬ and ‪#‎Sweeps‬
 Let's get you all ready to #PUSHPLAY  today! All you need to be able to access this EXCLUSIVE sneak peek is to have access to Beachbody On Demand! Beachbody's online catalog of streaming workouts. Beachbody On Demand (#BOD) is normally $2.99/week but you can get a month for free when you sign up with the link below! The workout will be pushed live exclusively for On Demand members so you need to get all signed up right away so you can log in and participate! After that, you'll still have an entire month of access to all the other streaming workouts in the catalog! woohoo!!!! and I get to be your coach! 
(No charges happen for this trial. If when your month is up you don't want BOD anymore, simply cancel and you won't be charged!)

and if you would like more info on the program and possibly considering going or it... let me know by completing this ..... http://goo.gl/forms/IcQ5Z9bEJj

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