Weightloss is more about what happens on the inside than the scale

I just glanced through a Facebook post a friend shared. It was a blogpost about how if Oprah, who is such a successful person, millionaire who has inspired and helped thousands and thousands of people around the world, still struggles with her own weightloss, maybe it's impossible for the average woman.  Stating that perhaps if Oprah hasn't been able to do it, it probably is impossible to do it. 

Then my own story came to mind. I'm not going to say that being thin makes you successful.  Not at all. I believe than in doing it the right way, focusing on a personal journey of improvement, change, self love & growth it does trigger changes inside of you that empower you. 

I started my journey at 220lbs. I was in it just to lose some weight so I could fit in the clothes I had in storage in the basement. As I moved forward I realized that there was more for me. I discovered strengths I didn't know I had. I found weaknesses and constantly do. I found a community of uplifting people who encourage and challenge me in ways I never had before. 

I'm not saying all these opportunities I have come my way showed up because I lost weight. Not at all. I wish it was that simple. They came about because of the changes that happened on the inside that were hiding under insecurities and self doubt, emotions hidden behind plates and plates of food and sweets. 

There was this other woman hiding behind layers of fat that had to go so that she could find herself. 

You just never know what opportunities will come to you but I do know that your first priority should be loving yourself, feeling happy and taking care of your health.  Do what you feel is right. For some it may be staying the same. That's fine. For some it may mean changing their lifestyle and allow the universe to do their thing. 

Do you sister! Be happy and love yourself. 

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