Fit Pregnancy with Coach Paula Chavez

Hey mama!! congratulations!! this is an amazing time for you as a woman.  It's not a time to worry about weight gain, because it is necessary for the proper nourishment of the baby, but it doesn't have to be exaggerated and unhealthy. 
It's about finding balance, wellness, energy, and flexibility to make this the best experience possible for yourself and your little bundle of joy growing inside of you. 

And it doesn't mean you have to quit on your active lifestyle. Work out safely with trimester-targeted Active Maternity workouts—the series will even help you tone up after you’ve left the delivery room!  


Then please email me to notify me about your enrollment. #BOD is web based and you can streamline from any device, as long as there is internet access. (phone, laptop, tablet, computer, apple tv, roku, etc). it's worth it. 

Is the scale making you feel defeated?

Loved reading this article by Chalene Johnson from her blog this morning.  It's a great reminder about not focusing on the scale and thought you guys may also find it helpful, specially as we continue to fight some habits and adopt new ones.  Hope it helps you. 
I used to obsess about the scale but then I realized that regardless of what the scale was telling me, I was getting healthier, I was getting stronger, I was feeling more energetic, I was happier.... it made me feel like Wonderwoman at times... with 3 kids, I can use all sources of energy without a doubt. lol 
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Are you one of those people that obsess over the number on the scale? Do you weigh yourself almost daily – or even more than once a day – hoping that each time you step on the scale, the number will go down? While it’s good to check in from time to time, obsessing over this number isn’t healthy…nor is this number always an accurate reflection of your fitness level. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when weighing yourself so that you have a healthy relationship with the scale…
How to Have a Healthy Relationship with the Number on the Scale
1.) Set an increment by which you will weigh yourself.
While you don’t want to become obsessed with weighing yourself, you also don’t want to get on the scale willy-nilly. If you don’t check in periodically, you could find yourself stepping on the scale one day wondering, “How did I gain 10 pounds?” You need to monitor whether or not there is an upward or downward trend in your weight.
So, set a time increment by which you will weigh yourself. Typically, once a week is sufficient. But if you do end up weighing yourself once a day, be OK with the fact that your weight may fluctuate 2-4 pounds from day to day depending on a number of things…(see #2)
2.) Know your weight can fluctuate 2-4 pounds from day to day.
There are so many things that can affect your weight: where you are in your cycle, the amount of salt in your diet, when you had your last meal, when you had your last bowel movement, and even the rotation of the earth (believe it or not)! So if you step on the scale, and you’re 4, even 5 pounds (if you’re tall) heavier than the day before, don’t freak out!
On the contrary, you also don’t want to get on the scale every day and make an excuse like, “Oh, I must be 4 pounds heavier today because of the earth’s rotation,” when your weight keeps going up, and up, and up. You simply want to monitor whether your weight is consistently going up, down, or remaining the same based on whatever fitness goal you have.
3.) Make sure the number you’re striving for is realistic.
Too often, people get a number stuck in their head that they think they should weigh, and they obsess over it. Maybe it was a number at which they felt comfortable in their own skin. However, based on a variety of things, it may no longer be healthy or realistic for their body type.
Here’s an example… A week after I had my son, Brock, I weighed what I weighed before I had him. BUT, I wasn’t even close to the same size. I was what people call “skinny fat.” By the number on the scale, you’d think I was back to my pre-baby body, but that was far from the truth. Muscle weighs more than fat…and at the time, I had less muscle, and more fat.
If you’re striving to hit a particular number on the scale, make sure that number makes sense based on the amount of muscle you have. If you’re strength training, you will want to add 4 to 5 pounds to that “magic number.”
Bottom line is, don’t judge yourself based on the number on the scale. Keep sticking to those healthy habits and don’t obsess over your weight. Know that your worth is based on who you are as a person, not whether or not you can see your abs.


Imagine how much better you are going to feel inside and out plus our pockets are going to thank us!! bye bye Pricey Frappuccinos....
this one here is going to be loaded with healthy, wholesome, super nutritious goodness from around the world!!
I cannot wait to order it. Had the opportunity to try it yesterday with a sample packet that some friends from Beachbody brought me from the office and we made a batch with almond milk and ice and it was delicious... i am a coffee lover so the taste is just perfection for me. i am looking forward to trying it in different ways, experimenting and picking a few favorites... i've been drinking chocolate Shakeology for 5 years. my secret to youth without a doubt!

What is Café Latte Shakeology?
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Everyone's heard of the coffee bean, but how many are aware that the red, fleshy fruit that surrounds it is actually a powerful superfood? Café Latte Shakeology now includes Whole Coffee Fruit, an incredible superfood, and has a rich, aromatic café latte flavor. By using the whole fruit, it lowers its carbon footprint while delivering the delightful refreshment found in a cafe cup of joe. It has all the exotic superfood ingredients necessary to deliver a daily dose of dense nutrition. Shakeology is nutrition simplified. It can help to increase healthy energy, reduce cravings, support weight loss, and improve digestion and regularity.*
Cafe Latte is available for purchase beginning January 11th, 2016.
Who should drink Shakeology? Anyone who wants to be healthy! Shakeology contains a wealth of exotic superfood ingredients that supply the body with a rich source of proteins, fiber, antioxidants, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Beyond the overall benefit of Shakeology's dense nutrition, it's excellent for a variety of different goals. Those with an active lifestyle will find that Shakeology provides essential fuel for exercise and supports muscle building and repair.
Shakeology will help anyone looking to lose weight by providing key nutrition, fighting junk food cravings, and helping them stay on track with their eating plan. Shakeology's nutrients and antioxidants can also help anyone interested in supporting their immune system or fighting free radical damage.

Does Café Latte contain more caffeine than the other Shakeology flavors? Not at all... The caffeine levels in Café Latte are exactly the same as they are in ALL of our Shakeology flavors. So even though it tastes like coffee, Café Latte contains 75% less caffeine than an 8 oz. cup o’ Joe.
How does it taste? It’s incredibly rich, robust, and creamy with hints of Café and notes of Latte. It truly does taste just like a frozen coffee drink you’d get from a coffee shop, but Café Latte Shakeology has dense superfood nutrition as well.
What makes Café Latte so special? It’s formulated with whole Coffee Fruit*—a coveted superfood powerhouse that’s native to regions of Mexico and India. Coffee fruit is the red fleshy fruit that surrounds what we know to be the coffee bean! Not only does Café Latte taste great, but the use of the entire plant also minimizes Shakeology’s carbon footprint.
*Patented Coffeeberry® Brand products are manufactured under license from VDF FutureCeuticals, Inc.
**NOTE: Available in US only.

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22 Minute Hard Corps #getsome


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If you're willing to step up and commit to spending 8 weeks with Tony Horton and 22 Minute Hard Corps™, you'll walk away Boot Camp Fit—even in the best shape of your life. It won't just give you a mission-ready physique—you're going to have to earn it—but Tony supplies you with all the tools and motivation you need to blow past the limits of what you thought you could do.
Fitness doesn't get much simpler than this. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a quick, no-nonsense, boot camp workout program. You just show up…keep up…and you will get in great shape. The training is basic, but the results are absolutely epic.
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Want to learn more about this program as I go to my journey for the 60 days as a participant in the first official test group run by the creators and experts at Beachbody? head over to my Facebook page where I will be sharing this journey with all of you 

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22 minute hard corps, #getsome, P90x, top coach, get some, hard corps, tony horton, boot campTony Horton shares a deep appreciation and a long-standing relationship with the U.S. military. Throughout the past 15 years, he's toured dozens of military bases all over the world, helping troops train to their maximum fitness potential. In 22 Minute Hard Corps, he's created a challenging but simple to follow workout program inspired by training programs used by the military. You hit it hard for 22 minutes…and you're done. If you have the will…you will get results.
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