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Here is the tracker fit fam!!! I have mine printed and on my refrigerator!!! woot woot!!!!

You can print it using this link

It is not specific for any of the Beachbody program.  If you would like to get a specific one for your program you can also go to the page and find them there... this is the direct link....

Print it and track your daily activities!!!

Are you going to be on "the Success Wall"?


Eating healthy is actually not as complicated as we think it is.  The key is to keep it simple, stay realistic and remember that this is not a “diet” it’s a lifestyle.

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These meal suggestions  should keep your body healthy and your tummy happy for quite some time.  Remember the key is to eat every 2-3 hours, small meals to maintain healthy energy levels and the metabolism working at its best.

clean eating, 21 day fix, dream team, coach paula chavez, 21df, healthy snacks


-          Oatmeal with 2 Eggs    (1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 red, 1 tsp
  •         ½ cup cooked steel –cut oats or rolled oats sprinkled with ground cinnamon sweetened with        honey or stevia
  •        1 cup fresh berries or half banana
  •         2 hard-boiled eggs
-          Greek yogurt Berry Parfait  (1 red, 2 purple, 1 blue, 1 tsp)
  •       ¾ cup plain Greek Yogurt
  •       1 tsp honey or agave
  •      1 cup fresh berries (raspberries are great for weight loss)
  •       ½ large banana, sliced
  •       8 raw walnut halves chopped
-          Eggs with avocado on Toast (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 purple)
  •          1 egg + 3 egg whites
  •          ½ small avocado, sliced
  •          1 slice whole grain or sprouted bread toasted lightly
  •          1 cup berries


-          Salmon with mixed greens    (3 green, 1 red, 2 tsp, 1 yellow)
  •          3 cups mixed greens
  •          ¾ cup flaked grilled salmon seasoned with Himalayan salt, lemon juice and pepper (or            substitute with any other lean protein like chicken, steak or turkey)
  •          2 tsp extra virgin olive oil
  •          2 Tbsp. lemon juice or red wine vinegar
  •          ½ cup mashed steamed sweet potato or brown rice
-          Chicken and broccoli  (1 red, 2 yellow, 2 green)
  •         ¾ cup diced grilled or baked chicken breast seasoned with Himalayan salt, lemon juice and garlic.
  •         2 Tbsps. fresh salsa over the chicken
  •         1 cup cooked brown rice
  •         2 cups steamed broccoli
-          Rice & beans (2 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue)
  •         ½ cup cooked black or pinto beans seasoned with Himalayan salt or sea salt, garlic, and cumin powder
  •          1 medium tomato diced
  •         ½ cup cooked brown rice
  •          5 medium asparagus spears grilled
  •          ½ small avocado , diced on top of served bowl
-          Quick on the go  (half red, 1 blue, 1 purple)
  •          4 Hard-boiled Eggs, cut in half, remove yolk and discard
  •          ¼ cup hummus (scoop a little in 4 of the halves, cover with the other halves)
  •          1 sliced apple
-          Nut toast     (2 yellow, 3 tsp, 1 purple, 1 green)
  •          2 slices whole grain or sprouted bread toasted
  •         3 tsp natural almond butter (no sugar added)
  •          Cinnamon to sprinkle on top
  •          1 cup sliced fresh strawberries (to top)
  •        1 cup sliced cucumbers with lemon juice 

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Check it out!!! This is going to be great!! All Dance fans, Hip Hop Fans, Choreagraphed workouts, this is going to be epic fun! 
It's Shaun Ts new workout program and let me tell you he, is a dancer, it's his passion and his love, sonic know this is going to be another Hit!! Can't wait to share with you all and start it as soon as it launches in the summer!  Think July 2015!!

What do you think?? Post below! I want to know your thoughts!! 

It's called Cize!!! I will be waiting for this puppy with very little patience and a lot of excitement!! 

Hard Boiled eggs

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Do you like hard boiled eggs?? 

Want me to give u the secret to cooking them to perfection? 
Hard boiled eggs are just perfect and so convenient. I cook about 10-12 of them and it makes a family friendly source of protein. You can keep them cooked in the refrigerator and grab them for your lunch box or when hunger strikes.

Ok so get a pot, place the eggs gently. Add enough water to cover all the eggs, not more. 
Cook them on high heat until water starts to boil. Turn off heat, cover and wait 10 minutes. And really this is serious, only 10 minutes, set a timer. 
Once the 10 minutes pass, place under cold water. Get rid of all the hot water and cover them with cold water. If eating them immediately, be careful cause they'll be really hot but delicious. Enjoy!!

I don't like to  eat anything that is past 3-4 days home made. But I tell u at my house they don't last past 2 days. 
But I've read that Hard boiled eggs kept with shell in the fridge last a week. Peeled eggs though is different. Keep  in the refrigerator in a bowl of cold water to cover for about 1 week (change the water daily) - or in a sealed container without water (cover the eggs with damp paper towels) for the same length of time.

Stuffed peppers- clean version

clean eating, stuffed peppers, healthy recipe, ground turkey recipe

Seriously easy and delicious.  

It's just a lot of veggies 

3 stalks of celery
2 small carrots
2 red bell peppers halved and inside seeds removed
1/2 white onion 
3 cloves of  garlic
1 cups rice already cooked 
Lean protein like ground turkey or chicken already cooked. 
handful of cilantro  all chopped small in the food processor then sautéed in a little coconut oil. Season with salt, pepper and a little turmeric. 

Then grabbed a big piece of chicken breast I had cooked already and ground it in food processor.  

Mixed everything together with brown rice  and then filled each half of pepper. 

Broiled for about 5 minutes and done. Yummy yummy. 
You can use also ground turkey, or lean beef and quinoa.