Whey Protein to Rebuild Muscle

Some argue that you don't really nutritional add-ons to your daily fitness and nutrition routine and some others swear by their super powers.  

I have experienced both ways.... and one thing is for sure.... it's a personal choice. 

In my own experience, I have been using the Beachbody Performance line lately and i can notice a huge huge difference in results.... more lean muscle and quicker recovery.  For the love of God I ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon last week and woke up the next day with some soreness but towards the middle of the day I was able to function properly and even complete my Monday workout routine....  It does make a difference.... and I highly recommend post workout you drink a Whey Protein shake, within 30-45 minutes after you finsih your workout.  It is timed so you really don't need to worry about it's calories but you do want to get something that is high quality and with clean ingredients.  

It's purpose is not to replace a meal... For example, if you workout in the morning, this wouldnt be your breakfast, this would be your post workout recovery drink.  It goes straight to the muscles helping rebuild muscle tissue after intense workouts.  It will also help control your appetite during the day. I like to drink mine in water, with ice and a little cinammon.  Shake in a shaker cup and drink that puppy super quick! Then i would have breakfast, usually oats and egg whites within two hours after. 

Most commercial brands are filled with junk sadly.  Look for one with as few igredients as possible and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. 

This is the one I drink and recommend.  CLICK HERE

 To learn more and perhaps give it a try... plus other supplements in the same line.... hint hint... the preworkout ENERGIZE IS AMAZING!!!!  You are going to get even better results becaUse you'll have more energy and stamina! you will get an extra boost, without harmful ingredients!  

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