ladies and gentlemen!!! I am so excited to share these news with you... some of you may know i've been looking for a place to teach, well, i have some things in the works but right now, i wanted to do something that would help the community get healthier and i have an invite for you guys... feel free to join us whenever you are available!!! it's free. seriously. no obligation or commitments whatsoever!
Starting this Saturday September 26th, you are all invited to join us for a group workout.... free for the community... a place to workout, meet friends, have fun and get a great workout.
I've been dreaming with this day for ever.... those of you who have been part of my classes and fit clubs, you know how happy this makes me. It is such a great place to start a fitness journey, or to recommit and stay motivated!!!

It will take place at Ultimate Power Martial Arts & Fitness Center who has very kindly opened the doors of their amazing facility to bring this FIT CLUB to our community!!

Hope you guys can make it, don't be intimidated by meeting new people and stuff like that... this is a no judgement place, a place for everyone of all fitness levels to feel good!

Ahhhh!!! is it Saturday yet??? just say Paula Chavez invited you and look for me there. I can't wait to meet some of you there.... you can also email me at for more info or questions. 

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