Turkey burgers - veggie loaded

 Turkey burgers 21 day fix approved

My kids are probably the pickiest kids you'll ever know. I have to hide the vegetables in order for them to eat them. If they see colorful food they'll eat it, as long as it's not a vegetable. So I'm always experimenting. I found a way of doing this for almost every stinking food I cook. Doesn't hurt right.
So these guys are staples at my house. 
I actually change the veggies depending on what I have available. Try these ones and then go ahead and get your chef on and make your own creations them of course share with me. 

Make sure you own a chopper or a food processor. That thing is my saving grace. 
So I cut all kinds of veggies, garlic, and greens and cut in big chunks. Then proceed to chop them as tiny as possible right before they turn into a purée. 

On this bowl you'll find: 
2 lbs lean white meat turkey from Trader Joes 
2 eggs 
3 celery stalks 
Half orange bell pepper 
Half small yellow onion 
Handful of kale 
4 garlic cloves 
1/2 cup of oats (you can replace with quinoa or brown rice as well 
Salt and pepper to taste and a little splash of 
Balsamic vinegar 

Wet your hands with cold water and it's time to get dirty.  Mix it all up with your hands and make it one big uniform mass 

Now it's time to form the burgers or even small turkey balls. Grill them or bake them at 400 until done, they cook quickly depending on how big and thick they are but I'll say anywhere between 10-30 minutes. Turning half way. 

Load up on these great fit friendly and of course healthy option for snack, lunch boxes and meals. 
I even eat them cold out of the refrigerator when hanger attacks.

If you are following the 21 day fix, don't you worry.... Chop them up and measure in the red container as 1 red portion of protein. The added veggies will do you good. They have no fat by the way so no teaspoons wasted here. ;) 

Enjoy! ❤️ hope you happy First day of Spring day!