Love YOURSELF enough to live a healthier lifestyle!

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We are so guilty of prioritizing our children, mom duties, and work over

 our own health and fitness. I'm pretty sure you o as well, it's our 

nature. We are moms first and everything else takes second place. 

Let's face it: we are some busy, busy women.

If we don't take care of ourselves, eventually it takes a take a toll on us

 and the ones we love. Our clothes don't fit, our energy levels stink, we

 feel frustrated and kind of mad at ourselves... So how about together 

we change that? would you be willing to try my way? 

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I am looking for 5 busy moms for my February group. 

We will commit to

 taking care of ourselves with 30 minute workouts, simple nutrition, 

budget and family friendly recipes. I will share what I've learned and

 how I've made health and fitness work in my life as a working mom 

and wife. We will support each other and keep one another accountable

 so we don't fall into the habit of putting ourselves on the back burner.

 heart emoticon give yourself some love mommy. This is a good place to

 start and please do not feel guilty about it. I promise everything is 

going to change for good. You'll be more productive, energetic, clear 

mind, you'll look great, and it will rub off to the rest of the family. 

I will be your coach throughout this journey!! <3 and from this point on we will keep each other accountable and motivated for life!! 

Comment below or message me if you're ready to make this change - 

we begin preparations next week! BUT space is limited. 

Email or complete application below

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