Keep it clean while we celebrate our Independence!

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday! 
I wanted to share a few tips, little ideas that I follow to keep it clean during the Summer and specially this weekend when we celebrate and there's just too much going on. 

4th of july recipes, clean eating, holiday, July 4

My thinking is, why not enjoy and splurge a little without going overboard. We are halfway through the year, we have worked hard to get to where we are right now so let's go over a few and I have also a dudes a few recipes for you to enjoy and share as well. 

1. Start the day with lemon water. Drink a tall glass of water and squeeze the juice of a lemon. This is something you can do every day. 

2. No matter where you are, start the Holiday with a great workout. Go for a jog or run, or push play to any workout video, but make sure you start your day with a great workout. Get your metabolism going and fired up. 

3. Plan your cheat meal. If you know you are going to be spending the afternoon surrounded by lots of treats and drinks, eat a lean breakfast and drink your Shakeology half way through the day. Lean protein packed breakfast being some egg whites with veggies, for example. 
4th of july recipes, clean eating, holiday, July 4

4. If you are not hosting but instead going to friends or family for the celebration, without a doubt you can be the one bringing the healthy stuff :) it doesn't have to taste bad. Below you'll find a few recipes I recommend. You will be the star of the party. 

Chicken Skewers: cube some chicken breasts and marinate with liquid Aminos, a little sea salt and pepper. Let them marinate for a couple of hours at least. Set aside. Cut red peppers, red onions and pineapple in big chunks. Arrange them all like shown below and then grill for about 10 minutes. 
4th of july recipes, clean eating, holiday, July 4

This is a beautiful display of the American flag. Greta way to stay healthy and be in the spirit of the day. Arrange Strawberries, blueberries and cubed White Cheddar Cheese or Mozarella cheese,  as shown below and enjoy a light, healthy and beautiful snack. The kids will love this. 

4th of july recipes, clean eating, holiday, July 4

5. Go for the veggies first. If you have he choice, fill that plate about half way with veggies. Load it up leaving not so much space for the not so lean options. 

6. When it comes to drinks... Stay away from the sugary cocktails and high calorie creamy ones. Try a skinny sangria. Mix red wine like Merlot, add apples and oranges cubed or sliced, add a little bit of stevia and mix it with some Lacroix or any orange flavored Carbonated water. 
Or you can also go with Vodka and Cranberry juice, mixed with a little stevia and Orange flavored carbonated water. These are light, low calorie, low sugar, refreshing cocktails. 

7. Hang out away from the food table. Go talk to your family, friends, focus on meeting new people, building  relationships instead of dwelling over the food.  The food may be there but it doesn't mean you have to eat it all. 

Follow these tips and I guarantee you'll wake up on Tuesday feeling like a million bucks and not guilty. Splurge, of course, enjoy the moment but be smart about it. ❤️πŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. 

I know we got this!! And if you can, tell people about this amazing journey you are on and invite them to join you! Pay it forward friend. Let's help and motivate others. Let's end the trend of obesity together. 

❤️Happy 4th of July to you and your loved ones!!!! πŸ’™

Additional recipes you can share and enjoy today or anytime this Summer: 

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Clean Sweet Potato skins

7 Layer Dip

Cilantro Brown Rice

Pico De Gallo and black bean Salad

Clean Creamy Salad Dressing

Fit Chocolate Chip Cookies

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