CORE DE FORCE launch day


I am loving this program.  I tried the sneak peek workouts a few times last week and this past Friday had the opportunity to do another one of the workouts LIVE with both Joel & Jericho at an event here in Orlando on Friday!!… whaaaaat!!! Yup!!! And it was awesome.  In just 20 minutes we were drenched and definitely feeling the core sore the next day!   I can't believe that after 5 years of working out and eating clean that I can still get some killer muscle soreness!  I think you are going to love it too.  Plus it really is coming at the perfect time.  We ALL need a little extra accountability over the holiday months!

So if you are interested in the program I have a few options for you!

#1 I highly recommend that you join me in my Core De Force Test Group which will start on the 7th of November.  In this group I will basically walk you through everything you need to know about the program.  How to navigate the meal plan, I will give you recipes, tips, daily accountability and support so that you start and finish the program to get the results that you want. Does this sound like something you would like to do?  

Here are the requirements:

1.  I must be your Team Beachbody Coach.  If you aren't sure then click here: Join as a Team Beachbody Customer of PAULA CHAVEZ

2.  To join the challenge group you must commit to the entire program for 30 days, the nutrition plan and 30 days of Shakeology. The best bang for your buck is to get the Challenge pack because it gives you all the tools you need, plus an extra DVD with an entire workout called the MMA Mashup, plus discounted price and shipping!  It also gives you exclusive access into my personal 1:1 mentoring support group where you will have others and myself to keep you on track daily.  

To get your Challenge pack click here:  Core De Force Challenge Pack

If you wish to have the digital version of the challenge pack which means no physical DVDS and access to streaming choose this other option:  Core De Force Digital Challenge Pack

If you already drink Shakeology and would like to try our performance line and increase your results choose this option:  Core De Force Performance Challenge Pack

If you would like to sign up as a coach on my team then you can do so at this time and get your $40 coach sign up fee waived, get the challenge pack and then receive 25% off all additional purchases you order from Team Beachbody. You have the choice to actively pursue coaching at this time or in the future and take advantage of my team trainings or you can remain a loyal preferred customer as long as you would like. There is no commitment required and you can change or cancel at any time with no fees.
To sign up as a coach with Core De Force:  Here is the coach sign up link.

It would be such an honor to have you be a part of our team! <3

All of these links will be LIVE by 2:00 pm PST which is 5:00 pm EST.  So if you log in early and try to click the links and they do not work that means that the program hasn't gone live yet!!  So don't panic you will be able to get your copy!

It will also be available to you within 24 hours in Beachbody On Demand. When you get a challenge pack you get access free for 30 days!  So you can actually start downloading the nutrition guide, program manual and start planning your workouts before you receive your physical copy.  So exciting right!

ONCE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE so that I can make sure that everything goes through ok and add you to the group and get you up and running.  
Please let me know if you have any questions at all!

If you do not wish to participate in my support and accountability group and would just like to purchase the program separately you can do that on November 1st at 12:30 pm PST or earlier.  

Here are your options:

If you would like more information on Core De Force and My Test Group here is a more detailed explanation of what it is about, what the workouts are like and a bit over the meal plan.

I am so beyond pumped for this program and for you to experience!!!  I can't wait to hear what you think!

As your coach if you ever need anything at all please don't hesitate to reach out and ask!  I'm happy to assist you in any way that I can!

I look forward to hearing back from you all as you purchase your programs and get you started in the support and accountability group!

Let’s do this!!!

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