I just Don't get it

Hmmmm explain this theory to me cause it makes no sense. Sorry maybe I'm wired differently. I got an email from someone Inquiring about my challenge group. So I say sure let's chat. How can I help you..... what's your goal... ok, sure you have 30 lbs to lose, you don't like how your clothes fit and you want to eat healthier. Awesome we can do that... we will start November 7th I said.
And her response... oh but I'm thinking January because the Holidays !?!?!?

🙉 Wait what? What does she mean "because the Holidays?

Isn't that like maybe just 3 days in a period of 60 days?? 😤 I mean come on. thanksgiving? Beautiful Holiday, my favorite actually and I eat that day for sure. And perhaps drink and eat all the pie but dude that's just one day. Ok moving on..... December. Christmas Day, leftovers day, then New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, yeah awesome. We will party hardy but what does that have to do with you starting a new routine and better habits now and not in 60 days????

No entiendo! That's crazy! Please tell me I'm not the crazy one here. Lol

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