Be a Warrior, not a Worrier

Week 3 of Core de force has me feeling all ninja today! Need to push play but first wanted to share with you a few notes and thoughts 👩🏻 💭

We have been equipped with unbreakable strength and purpose. We have been made to make an impact and leave a legacy. Yesterday's message at Church was so powerful I wish you could've all been in there next to me.
The theme was about leaving a Legacy- living beyond yourself. 💡How do we want to live our life?
💡What can we do to use our life to make a difference in other people's lives?
💡What can we do to shape our kids' lives spiritually so they can make a difference in the world?

This is not necessarily new to me, pretty sure not new to you either.
I believe that my fight against my own obesity and health issues started as that but there was something bigger in the horizon. My story has become my message and my passion. My career and purpose going hand in hand. Trust me when I tell you everything changes when Don't do this for the scale or the mirror, do it for the strength, health and tenacity that comes from the sacrifices you are making in your own health & fitness journey.
I do want to live with purpose and leave a legacy. I do want to continue to be a warrior and a messenger of positivity and hope.
Don't let your life go to waste. Be a warrior. Not a worrier. Be an encourager. Be the story teller of your own story so that others become inspired by you and they turn around and make a difference in others.
LIVE for the Line not the Dot! (If you were there you know what I'm referring to) ⚫️➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Don't live for the moment and your life here.... live for the journey and the legacy you will leave behind.

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