Our children see us. They may not listen to us at times, or at least seems that way. They don't seem to be paying attention most of the time.
But one thing Is for sure... our actions speak louder than our preaching ever will.

I believe it is our duty to show them what it means to be a mom and someone who wants to make health and an active lifestyle a priority. Because we are a generation that isn’t just telling them to eat their vegetables and move their bodies–but we are showing them what it looks like to Actually eat vegetables, avoid soda, exercise regularly and surround ourselves with like minded people. We are leading by example not just preaching what we don't practice.

We are our children’s role models and
We can't take this job lightly! ❤️️💪🏻💕🌺 #momlife #stronggirls #welovemermaids

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