First day of our new chapter...

It's so hard to let go. I am guilty of being too attached to my babies. I've been blessed with the opportunity to be with them since the day I became a mom the first time 12 years ago. Now that I have three babies, one returning back to school to start her first full year of school here in Florida in 7th grade and another one, my little man, my prince, starting his first full year of school in Kindergarten, I feel sad. I miss them already and I just dropped them off. 
On a day where so many parents are ready to throw a party, I should feel happy but the truth is it is hard to let go. I'm sad.  I'm happy to know that I've done my best as their mommy to prepare them for this day but dang it, it is so hard to let go!!! 

Held it in so that he wouldn't see me crying but my stomach is in knots, my heart is sad and my eyes can't hold the tears. 

I know it's going to get better. I know they will have happy stories later today. I pray that God continues to bless their school years just as he has done so far.  Always great teachers, great school buddies and parents that soon will become friends....

I am sad to see this chapter close for my baby boy but I know it will be a success.
He is now a big boy. I guess that's the part that hurts, that he is no longer my baby. And for my daughter is going to be a challenging year, all advanced classes, but I know this is an honor for her and she is excited about this challenge and I will continue to be here for them to help them have a kick ass school year.  In the mean time, keeping my little man at home entertained, letting him be and making these next couple of years enriching for him so that when it's his turn to start school he will also be ready for his new adventures. 

We'll be fine moms! Today you are in my thoughts as well! We did a great job! Now it's their turn to thrive and be the little awesome people we have raised them to be. 

I need a tissue. Lots of changes for me as well..... 

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