Are you riding the fitness change train and feeling a little disappointed?

Please, give yourself a pat in the back!!! hello, you are at least riding the train.... do you even realize how many wish they were and they're are just too lazy to take charge of their own health.... you are the bomb! keep going.... and keep these in mind...
  • It takes more than a week to gain weight, it's going to take way more than a week to lose it.  Be patient. 
  • Progress is happening wether you see it every day or not... if you are being consistent, changes are happening.. and results are guaranteed.  
  • If you are feeling a little desperate... don't allow sweets and junk food be the comforting solution to your frustration... it's only going to make things worse. have some herbal tea and go to sleep. 
  • Don't look for special pills, wraps or miracles. HARD WORK and CONSISTENCY is the ONLY WAY TO REACH YOUR GOAL! 
  • Just like you didn't gain more fat every day, you will not notice it going away every day, but it doesn't mean you're not getting fitter!
  • Feel PROUD of yourself every day.  every effort you are making, every sacrifice should be celebrated. Recognize how awesome you are. 
  • Now this one is huge....... Stop  letting the scale steal your joy!! that sucker!!!  Don't weigh in every week! You gain muscle, you gain water in your muscles and it masks fat loss.  instead judge by the clothing size, measuring tapes and how you feel.

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Don't expect to do everything perfect or right all the time.  Some things will work for you, some won't. Be curious about how the body works, how the body performs better, how to eat and fuel your body right..... do your homework, experiment and change the plan as many times as you need it, but never the goal! 
Keep fighting for your health & fitness! 

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