Eat like you Love yourself!

Hey! hope you are having a fabulous day!  I've been thinking a lot about ways to help my challengers who struggle with the eating part the most..... there's a few things i can do and it's to give you more resources and also encourage you to try your best to start educating yourself, learning, reading books, watching documentaries, and experimenting.  I personally found it fascinating to learn about how my body worked more efficiently.  It truly became my passion and it is something i want to dedicate more time to, once i have more time when the kiddos all go to school.

In the mean time, I am still educating myself, studying and learning.... and most importantly... trying new things.... right now I am following a meal plan very similar to those who are preparing for a competition, without going to extremes because well, I am not competing any time soon, not yet, maybe one day....

But a few things I wanted to share with you when it comes to Nutrition…

  1. Eat like you <3 yourself
  2. If you don’t have it, you won’t eat
  3. Eat for Nutrition not taste
  4. Aim at 80/20 (healthy/pleasure)
  5. Dont skip meals (especially breakfast)
  6. Food is not the enemy
  7. Food is the fuel your body needs to function at it’s best
  8. Had a setback, move on, don’t use it as excuse to continue off track
  9. If it’s time for a cheat/treat meal, plan for it, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty about it
  10. Give yourself time, it’s a process, change doesn’t happen overnight

And please, don’t ever see this as punishment, this is an opportunity to feel good, live better and enjoy a life of wellness.  Enjoy the journey!

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