Sometimes you have to be your own Coach

Speak to yourself with affirmations! Tell yourself things that lift you up, not down....
Instead of saying I can't do this.... Say I will do this. 
Instead of saying I'm so tired. Tell yourself I'm not tired. Lace up. Get started and if 5 minutes go by and you are still not in the mood, then you know you are really tired and it's a rest day. But at least try. 
Instead of saying I am an emotional eater, I can't live without my sweets, I can't like without my wine....
Embrace change. Embrace the sacrifices that are going to create new habits in you and will get you to the life you want to live. 

Speak positivity into your life. Your body and mind believe what you say to yourself. Be your own cheerleader. You so got this!!!!

Hope you have a Happy Weekend. And if you plan to meal prep this weekend. Check out some recipes on the recipe tab above. Quinoa, salad dressing, turkey balls and turkey chili.... Delish! 

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