3 day Jumpstart Results with the 3 day refresh

Ooops I did it again!! Ha!

After all the nice yummy treats, panettone and pernil I had this Holiday Season, I had to put a stop on this. I have some serious goals to crush like.....hmmmm getting more defined and finish leaning out. I'm still holding on to some body fat that I want to get rid of so this 3 day refresh was my go to tool to kick off my new plan!! 

I won't explain it all here but you can read all about it here ===> http://coachpaulachavez.blogspot.com/2014/10/i-broke-bad-habits-3-day-refresh-before.html
I explain how it works and how I did it last year about three months ago, and this time I did exactly the same.... 
Lost 6lbs then, lost 6 lbs this time around, again. 

You need this! Everyone does! It's affordable. It's easy to follow. It's just three days and the amazing changes you'll feel from this point on are priceless!! Bottom line is, it gives your body a break from all the food your body is used to without compromising muscle and energy levels, the way juicing and not eating enough will do. 

Want to do this? Want to give it a try? Message me ASAP to get you started. I'll coach you through it. I'll help you succeed! 
Email me 618fitness@gmail.com 

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