I know I'm a little late to the party but here I go... a recap of this past year!!! Honestly, it was too good! I consider myself one lucky girl!!!!  2014 was the first year I set goals and decided to Dream Big and I put my heart and soul into everything I did and I crushed some big ones!!! Doors definitely opened!

I am thankful for 2014 blessings, health, growth and tons of beautiful moments with my family and my kids!
There's a few big moments for me that I really want to highlight but know that there are plenty plenty more!!!

- one of my biggest Dreams was to teach fitness classes and my dream came true.  I had a goal of teaching two classes weekly and ended up with a few more.  I absolutely love teaching and love being able to bring my love for Insanity and Piyo, and health and wellness, live to so many people! it is beyond amazing!

- Earlier in the year I made a huge change in my Beachbody business that made a huge impact and made me realize how much I love being a Coach! I became a part of the Dream Team and become a stronger leader and better coach, of course, always striving to become better and and better.  Great things coming for our team this 2015.  2014 was just the warm up!

- had the amazing privilege to be selected for a makeover, sponsored by Macy's and American Heart Association to represent Go Red For Women - American Heart Association in The New York Fashion week launch.  Fighting Heart Disease is a cause very dear to my heart! It runs in my family and has taken the lives of many in my family, including my father, who passed away from a massive heart attack in October of 2012.  My mission is to show other people that lifestyle changes will save their lives!
From designer dresses to super high end hair dressers and make up artists, this was an amazingly, unforgettable experience!

- attended CoachSummit 2014!!! That was an epic weekend!!! got to workout live with Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, Dan, Jericho and Joel (from Les mills), and that was a dream come true as well.  Got to workout live with Chalene and Shaun T again.  Met so many coaches and people that share the same passion as me, since that moment on I felt that this really is my true calling and will continue to work hard and do anything at my reach to help people change their lives.  Seeing the challenge winners was amazing!!!  Confirmation that the power of people helping people is beyond imaginable!

- ran my first half marathon in great company!!! It wasn't easy!! my motivation was to do this to honor my dad's memory! I figured if I had a reason to do it, bigger than myself, I would go through the training and ups and downs like a pro!  If it wasn't for the amazing support and motivation from my training buddies, THE DIVAS  and the incredible support and coaching from my hubby, this would have been an unaccomplished goal.  I admire runners and without a doubt, i love running, but it is hard! I do want to beat my time of 2:!3 and will one day go back and finish it in less than 2.

You can count on that but for now, my focus is on  growing my business, helping my Team succeed, my Challengers and my mission of helping people achieve their goals, live healthier and happier lives!

2015 is bound to be amazing! I can feel it!!! This year there will be more purpose, more resources, more fun... we will be doing everything with a purpose..... we are #sweatingforhearts paying it forward and helping others... people need people! people helping people!

There's a lot more to be thankful for.  I have met some amazingly inspiring people.... gosh.... people from all over that came to me as challengers and then became more than that..... Thank you to everyone who follows me for support, tips, inspiration and motivation... know that whatever I do, i do it with all my HEART! <3


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