but Paula, I don't have time...

Yes you do....
You just need to first change your mindset and negativity. Yes you can do it and yes you have time....we all have the same 24 hours in a day... And you can definitely make it work if you really want it to happen. Whatever your why is, make that your driving force to make you do this.... It takes 21 days for it to become a habit so stay with the course.... 

Ok so here it is......

Start it tomorrow. Would you try?

So U will leave all your workout stuff and DVD ready the night before, get up at 5 right away splash water on your face and change. ️
Workout 30 minutes, take your sweatyselfie 😜 and post it in the respective challenge group. 

Then hop in the shower, get out, make your Shakeology, your healthy dose of dense nutrition, which you will order from me, and drink it while You get dressed. Tons of recipes and yummy flavors to keep your palate entertained. 

Out the door all happy and accomplished to carry on with your day. 

You'll make better food choices, you'll be in a better mood, you'll be burning calories the rest of the day!! And you will go to bed feeling accomplished because you have it your best. 

Repeat every day! 😊

That's it! You may wake up one day and feel all sleepy head and all, that's fine, sleep a little longer, but the next day, get back to the routine. If you go two consecutive days feeling like a sleepy head and skipping the routine, you are just being lazy! 

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