I found this little thing called Beachbody. I started a workout program and drinking Shakeology and little by little my life started changing. I started to lose the weight that for months kept accumulating and had made me so miserable and so out of place. I felt like I was getting lost in my depression and denial. I thought I had no other choice. Being overweight was the price I had to pay for being a mom and not being able to take time out of my day to exercise and take care of myself.

A friend mentioned she was doing Insanity and she had lost 30 lbs and I ran home, called my husband and begged for him to let my buy Insanity. I saw it on tv many times but never really believed the infomercial, I mean come on, who believes those results are real? Yeah, I didn't believe it either but when my friend told me she was getting her workouts done daily, even with 3 kids, I figured I can do it too. I only had two kids and I had worked out before...I totally said to myself: "I got this! I'm going to buy insanity!"
So we did!! I started and…... OMG that was hard!! Holy crap on a stick that was the hardest thing I've ever done until then, considering I had given birth twice. That was hard!

I kept trying, I was so mad. I was feeling even more depressed but the thought of my friend doing it and me quitting made me feel horrible so I kept going. I didn't want to feel like a failure. I lost like 2-4 lbs and felt great but still felt like it was torture. I wanted it to be perfect. She had lost 50 lbs the next time I saw her and it bothered me not having better results so I quit. Yup! I quit for like a month but I still wanted to lose the weight and feel good!
I will never forget this day!
Had to wear these clothes and
I felt so uncomfortable! 
I had created a free account with Beachbody and was playing with it and came across TurboFire!! THAT WAS IT!! Oh baby that was so my jam!! Chalene, choreography, music, fit moms in the videos.... I had to have it!!! So again I called the hubby. Since my birthday was approaching I asked hubby to get it for my bday and he did. Best hubby ever. I started that program right before my birthday! I followed it to the T because it was fun,  it was doable, I didn't feel like dying. As I was starting, about a week into it, I noticed they were talking about some shake called Shakeology, and it tasted like chocolate so again I call the hubby!! “Baby, can we please get it, can you get it for me for Christmas”...This time his answer was "NO! No babe, we don't have the money, that's expensive!"

You may have noticed that I don't give up easily so I had found this option to become a coach and get 25% off Shakeology and other programs. I was already loving TurboFire and I figured I’m going to need another one when I get bored with this one so a discount sounds like a great thing to sign up for. Again the man wasn't too excited.

We were struggling to pay bills. Christmas was approaching and we didn't even have enough money to pay the bills, the thought of making a Christmas shopping list for the kids was absurd.  I was persistent. I wanted to lose the weight so bad and having done my homework on diets and shakes to the point of being a guinea pig for a lot of pills and diets myself, I would try anything. Somehow I convinced him to let me try a bag and sign up to be a coach with a promotion they had that December (it was God sent). They were waiving the coaching sign up fee.  So I became a COACH for free. And I was just a discount coach. I had no intention to help anyone but myself. I needed to lose all this weight and I had no clue how to help others. I just wanted to feel good and look good and be healthy.  I wanted to feel like a woman and not just a mom hiding in sweats.

Then along came Shakeology and I loved it just as I anticipated but I wasn't counting on my husband loving it too. It was helping me lose weight and giving me energy and reducing my cravings but for my husband it was a miracle medicine. His stomach problems went away. His afternoons on the couch drinking a beer or two and watching baseball were replaced with Shakeology and working out after work. That to me was our life changing little by little. We stopped eating chinese, pizza and burgers so much, stopped buying ice cream, sodas, chips, cookies and prepackaged food.  We replaced them with whole, healthy foods. In doing this we were saving money. I used to buy lots of fresh veggies and fruits every week and ended up throwing so much of it in the garbage because we wouldn't eat them. Hubby didn't like salads or veggies so I wouldn't make them just for myself. I was eating the same amounts of carbs and fried foods he was but I was the one gaining the weight. His health wasn't good yet his body was skinny like a stick.

Our lives were changing and our friends started noticing. I started feeling so good. Of course all these compliments were icing on the cake. People asked and asked what I was doing to lose weight so I started referring people to my website and making a few extra bucks every month to the point that I was making enough to cover my Shakeology monthly. Then it increased. Little by little more and more people wanted to do what I was doing.

The financial struggles we were having all of a sudden became less harsh because we were having extra money.

We are so thankful that Beachbody came into our lives because we were able to make exercise and healthy eating a part of our lives. The workouts are so well designed and the meal plans are so well put together it is easy for us to cook quick, healthy, affordable meals at home and not take out every night as we used to. We get to workout at home with or without our kids, in our pajamas or cute workout clothes and not worry about the weather, childcare or what plan to follow. It all started with a decision to give it a try. I was able to lose 80 lbs and get in the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE!!! I even teach fitness classes live!! Never thought this would be possible!!

Now we get to help other people go through the same journey as us. We are Beachbody Coaches, we are regular people just like you. We are parents, with a busy schedule, but with just a few hours a week dedicated to our Beachbody business. We get to make a difference in other people's lives by helping them try the programs that have helped us get healthier and fit. I became a coach at my heaviest weight of 220lbs and even then I was inspiring and helping others get started with a program and Shakeology. Some of them love the idea of becoming coaches to get a discount or to start their own mobile business so we also have our team of coaches that we mentor and together we are growing together and having fun while we do it.  We just  help others do the same.

We are a part of the #1 team in Team Beachbody and we couldn't be any more blessed. We are with an amazing group of fun, caring, supportive and loving coaches, people just like you and I. They  are spouses, moms, dads, teachers, nurses, bosses, secretaries, homemakers, doctors, soldiers, their spouses, and what not. We come from all walks of life and we are here with one same goal in common, to live a better life. We have many dreams. We are getting debt free. We are working on our plans to move to a warmer state. We are taking vacations all paid with cash. We aren't adding any more balance into our credit card because now we have enough money to cover our basics, to save, pay off debt, do fun things and live a comfortable life.

We live with joy knowing that as we are improving our quality of life. We are making a difference in other people who need our help and support. This might not be the business for everyone because not everyone cares about other people but if you are the type of person who enjoys helping others and care for others and you want to improve yourself and the quality of your life and your family's then this might just be the right business for you.

I would love to share a little more about this crazy amazing business so you too can get started on working towards accomplishing your goals, reaching your dreams and living a crazy awesome fun life.

Our team is growing every day. We have mentoring programs, training, calls, video chats and tons of training material to help you get started and succeed.  This is not a pyramid, it's not a become a millionaire overnight type of opportunity. This is an honest business where we care and we are well taken care of. We are on our way to becoming millionaires without a doubt but in the mean time we are enjoying the ride and changing lives.

If you want even more information on what a Beachbody Coach does you are more than welcome to join my 5 day what is a Beachbody coach open house event which starts November 17th! 

You log in each day from your computer or phone and watch a short video, or post from a coach on my team or myself. We will walk you through the compensation plan, answer your questions and help you to get more knowledge on how the business works and ultimately to see if it would be a good fit for you!



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