Well it turns out I had it all wrong in my younger years.  I used to go to the gym, back in my school years, late teens, and spend 3 hours at the gym.  5 am Spin class, folllowed by 6am front row cardio class, followed by an hour of weight training with a trainer.  All these with nothing in my stomach but coffee after coffee, complimentary at the gym.  
Turns out, the majority of fit people don't spend hours upon hours in the gym or live on a diet of water, coffee and air. It's actually the opposite.  They have a simple training routine, specific meal plan, and reliable ways to stay motivated and stick with it.
So what do they do that you can do too??:

1. Track your workouts. People who keep track of their workout sessions are 4 times more likely to be successful at reaching their fitness goals, according to’s research.  From a Fitbit to Myfitnesspal to paper and pencil, there's tons of ways to get it done.  The more crosses you see on that calendar, the more accountable you remain. 

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Great visual!!! Love this idea! 

2.  Find a plan with a deadline and stick to it. So let's think 21 days, or 30 days or 60 days.... Focus on making it to the halfway point in your training regimen and you’ll be more likely to go all the way. Not sure where to begin when it comes to a fitness program? Oh well hello, let's discuss your goals and come up with the plan that right for you. 

3. Post those progress selfies and let's not forget the #sweatyselfieswithpaula . Use Instagram and Facebook or any other social media platform of your choice. Flex those hard-earned muscles and take some shots of your workout progress.  This is in my opinion the best source of accountability and tracking progress.  And who know, you may be inspiring others along the way. 

things fit people do, stay on track, fit friends
Post those selfies dude! 

4. Surround yourself with fit friends.   Surround yourself with people who share your interests.  Follow people who have done that that you strive to become.  Learn from them. Let them show you the way. Your friends aren't supportive or into fitness.... well get new friends!!! Connecting with several like-minded people creates a supportive community and helps keep you motivated and accountable. Now go make some new fit friends!  

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