What to do with Ground lean turkey?

Not sure if u can see it well but it's so good!! Celery, garlic, yellow peppers, onions and carrots chopped super tiny in the chopper. I added them to white meat ground turkey once it was brown and let it Sautée together. Sooo good. I seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, paprika and cumin. Boom!! Serving over rice for the rest of the peeps. I'm having it with a side of sweet potato and kale salad. 😉

Oh the marvelous things we can do with this!!  Think Tacos, nachos, burritos for the Mexicans at heart like me. 
Italian, no worries, add the gravy...red sauce it's what we call it here at home, and you have spaghetti meat sauce, lean and healthy, like I want it. 

Have it with a side of Quinoa, or brown rice, or Feekah! Yes it's like a rice but so high in protein and nutrients it's ridiculous!! 

What else???? Tell me what else would you do with this beauty???? 


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