Core de Force Update and Meal Plan week 1 - 2

It's safe to say that I am getting close to the end of week 1 of Core de Force.  So far what can i say, loving the workouts and loving the soreness I've been feeling lately.  Maybe I'm crazy but I just like to feel that little pain from soreness here and there, cause it means it's working.... and that my body is compeltely surprised! ha! anyway.... took my before or NOW pictures and measurements and I am ready to commit to finishing this program as strong as I possibly can... and those squares better show up! lol 

this is my meal plan for this week.  I am cutting calories a little bit because my goal is to get shredded so I am follwoing the formula that the eating guide suggests, although I may have to adjust that due to the fact that I teach Insanity classes almost daily and I need a few extra calories to get me thorugh the day.  If I add I will add maybe a couple hundred calories and that simply happens by eating another fruit or nut butter, or if critical, a second shakeo and call it a day. Check it out... and don't freak out with my lack of creativity... 

core de force, meal plan, core de force before and after, insanity

I am boring and simple when it comes to food.  although I just made a roasted chicken and it looks pretty AMAZING... magazine cover worth it for sure. nothing crazy to it... marinated it last night with garlic, balsamic vinegar, himalayan salt and pepper and earlier today I threw the guy in the oven for about 45 minutes and voila!! dinner is made and ready for tonight! with roasted asparagus and rice for the crew, i'll be making a cauliflower mash later.

core de force, meal plan, core de force before and after
Doesn't it look amazing? 

As I am typing this blog I am eating these rice cakes with tuna mixed with chopped celery and peppers, seasoned with olive oil and salt & pepper, and a splash of lemon juice.  Sooo good! again, nothing fancy or complicated. 

core de force, meal plan, core de force before and after

And now last but not least, here are my NOW pictures.... I am excited to see where these 30 days of ass kicking take me... ayayayay!!! 

core de force, meal plan, core de force before and after

I am really looking forward to getting awesome results like these girls! My arms and legs are very lean but I still have some shredding and ab discovering to do on my midsection!!!!  

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