Ultimate Reset Results

My results with the Ultimate reset!! ✌🏻️👊🏻💥 21 days of very strict eating, discipline, effort & focus. It was hard but I like challenges because I know in overcoming them I accomplish my biggest fear and conquer my struggles. 
Mission accomplished. 

I woke up like this!! Literally!! ✌🏻️

Lost 10lbs and gained an amazing amount of health, confidence, peace and wellness.

I can't thank Olguie Latorre-Manzano Vane Paez and her mom Yadira, my friends Lauren, Laura & Marie who are almost done, enough for doing this with me. I would have quit long time ago. And most importantly, I want to thank my hubby Carlos Chavez for his insane amount of love, support and patience with me throughout this journey.  😘😘

If you've never done this I highly highly recommend you guys start thinking about doing it soon. Your life will change!!!

Would you like more information? Feel free to email me 618fitness@gmail.com or message me through my Facebook page Coach Paula Chavez 

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