Good afternoon friend! Hope all is well with you! Since Memorial day weekend is coming and Summer is just around the corner i figured it would be nice to get a jumpstart and a kick in the butt with a little 3 day refresh. And I have a special promo for everyone who orders the 3 day refresh CHALLENGE PACK.  Why do I think this is going to help you?? ...

Because I’ve been hearing from a lot of you that you have lost track, that you fell off the wagon and you don’t have the strength to start again, because bad habits need to go…. Because a fresh start is always good!!! our bodies are amazing machines and they have ways of telling us that something is wrong…

Are you experiencing:
  • low energy levels
  • bad sleeping
  • excess weight and bloat
  • irregularity
  • food cravings
  • brain fog
  • no desire to exercise
  • stuck at a plateau
 if you said yes to at least one or two of these then this is the right thing for you.  
I did it just a few days ago and i still feel amazing. I actually do it every 3 months or so. It’s always good to give our insides a little break from all the regular food.

This is a 3 day plan, scientifically designed to provide our body with everything it needs to get us results without harming our digestive system.  It is gentle, no chemicals and no harmful ingredients.  You will break bad habits, adopt new habits and get your body on the fast track to weight loss and health.. You will not be starving! you will be eating lots of fruits and vegetables and healthy fats to keep you satisfied and you will also drink 3 shakes and a fiber supplement throughout the 3 days. Everything you need comes in the box, yummy recipes and all.  It will not have you running to the bathroom all day.
Check out this preview for more info.

3 day refresh.jpg

I am putting together a challenge group with just a handful of people who are really committed to get results and from that point on continue on with their journey.  

What you need to do is invest in your 3 day refresh Challenge pack (click here)


Do you think this is something you want to commit to do? Do you have any questions for me?
Starting date will be June 6th so you need to decide asap and place your order this week to make sure you get your package in time to buy your veggies and fruits and get started!!
Operation get our mojo back is on!

EVERYONE WHO ORDERS THE CHALLENGE PACK, which includes SHAKEOLOGY and the 3 DAY REFRESH gets a free FIXATE COOKBOOK (Autumn’s 21 day fix compatible cookbook) it’s amazing! I will mail it directly to you once your order is placed. So make sure you notify me that you placed your order.

fixate book.jpg

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