Let me tell you about Hell week!!!! It is a bonus week, week 9, of 22 minute hard corps!! With Tony Horron, this is his new program, just released on March 1st. I'm still in the test group and of course I agreed to take on the Challenge cause seriously, why not! 

So is it hard????  Yeah!! Get ready to get your butt kicked big time. But don't freak out. Hahaha it is an awesome challenge. It is a tough week. You'll feel some soreness again, you'll be hungry, you'll want to quit, you'll be a little tired and that is all ok!! Keep calm! You will survive!! Don't miss this opportunity to take your journey to the next level. 

I am on Day 5! Some days double resistance workouts, some days double cardio workouts plus a third core workout (which are shorter).  

I am pushing myself to do more and I've noticed a few things that have changed this week. 
1. I'm sore but it's a soreness that tells you things are changing but the kind that doesn't affect your range of motion and agility. Pretty cool. 
2. My legs are hard as rocks and My upper body is getting much stronger. 
My midsection body fat is going down like crazy and today finally I was able to do all the reps in the Core 2 video. When we started I was reaching 13-15, today I could do all 22 without losing proper form.
3. My name is now Hungry. I am hungry and thirsty all day long!! 
4. I'm having a hard time slowing down and resting because I feel soooo energized all day long. Thank god I do sleep like a rock. 

Overall I feel like Wonder Woman.... Wait maybe I am 😜 
Here we go! Can't wait to see what others accomplish with this program!!! ✌🏻️ #getsome

Don't be afraid to try it. If you need help or coaching don't hesitate to reach out. Email me 618fitness@gmail.com

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  1. This describes me perfectly! Just finished day 5 of hell week. Afraid for 6 lol