22 Minute Hard Corps Eating Plan

Tony Horton’s new 22 Minute Hard Corps program comes with an amazing library of total body conditioning, military-inspired workouts, and an amazing eating plan as well.  Since diet contributes about 70% - 80% to the results you will obtain, don’t take this part of the program lightly please. 

If you’ve done the 21 Day Fix, the portion-control containers are the same.  You can use them and of course take recipes and ideas from then. 

What’s different about 22 Minute Hard Corps is that this time the nutrition and fitness experts give us suggestions of when to have them  and for which meal. Such a helpful tool!! I'm so happy they added this feature because it was very helpful for me. I know you will appreciate it as well. 

The 22 Minute Hard Corps food list is similar to 21 day fix but with some differences. You'll find more recipes and meal examples! Super exciting!! 
Remember the 21 day fix came out about 2 years ago and it was created about 3 years ago. As a company we have learned a lot and made a lot of improvements based on customers' and coaches' feedback!! 

There are also some great prep-ahead suggestions, how to repurpose leftovers, and how to tweak things up if you plateau. Lots of fun new recipes... Hello Chimichurri!! Oh my! Yummy!! 

I’m so excited about this program and joining you on this journey. 

Now, I want to ask you for a huge favor! Do you know of any friend, coworker or family member who you think would love to do something like this too???? Let your coach know so we can get them started too. 
This is the link to apply. Our team support group is Open to everyone.

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