Fit Pregnancy with Coach Paula Chavez

Hey mama!! congratulations!! this is an amazing time for you as a woman.  It's not a time to worry about weight gain, because it is necessary for the proper nourishment of the baby, but it doesn't have to be exaggerated and unhealthy. 
It's about finding balance, wellness, energy, and flexibility to make this the best experience possible for yourself and your little bundle of joy growing inside of you. 

And it doesn't mean you have to quit on your active lifestyle. Work out safely with trimester-targeted Active Maternity workouts—the series will even help you tone up after you’ve left the delivery room!  


Then please email me to notify me about your enrollment. #BOD is web based and you can streamline from any device, as long as there is internet access. (phone, laptop, tablet, computer, apple tv, roku, etc). it's worth it. 

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