Hammer & Chisel Meal Plan

I am on Day 5 of this new program and i have to tell you I am in love with the workouts and the routine I'm getting into.  My muscles are feeling the love for sure. Yesterday was rest day, thank God cause i woe up sore! I love that feeling! Today I am feeling recharged and ready to keep going! 

So since yesterday was rest day I Woke up early before the kids got up and sat down to work on the meal plan for my specific goal of getting leaner. I love that this program allows to customize your meal plan according to your goals. The hardest part is always aligning the nutrition for best results. The working out part comes so easy for so many people, me included, but the reality is where the best results come from is from the right nutrition. Put in a little bit of effort into planning it and it's going to be so worth it. 

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I am following Plan A  because my goal is to lean outt and reduce body fat which is a tough one when you are not very strict with your nutrition.  I love that I can really customize the nutrition plan to meet my own personal needs and at the same time I can help my clients do the same...  Not everyone has the same goals and level of activity or fitness so it's great to have different options.  

This is my meal plan this first week,  you can check it out and have an idea of what I will eat per day.  I prefer to keep it simple, my best friend is REPETITION, to make it easier for my time management and my brain. Most afternoons i cook more make extras for lunch the following day.  I don't need fancy meals. I love cooking but it must be simple and nutritious.  
I started last Thursday so I will have my rest days on a Sundays. 

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You can create your own, go to this previous article i wrote where i share more on meal planning and my google spreadsheet .... you cannot edit mine but you can make a copy  by going to file, make a copy and then edit it to your own needs. let me knwo if you need help with it. but it's really easy. 

If you have any questions please feel free to post below in the comments or message me at 618fitness@gmail.com

This is a little preview of one of the workouts which is all Plyoemtrics. It was super fun and effective. 

I will be launching another Hammer and Chisel Challenge Group Starting on January 4th. YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN ME and start the New Year off right!

Complete this Challenger interest form and I will contact you with all the details to place your order of your program and the best price options right now. No need for fancy equipment.  A bench or floor, two sets of weights (one pair of medium weight, one pair of heavy weight) and a band. Or if you wish you can of course use the bench, the pull up bar and of course the weights. The workouts have modifiers who show the different equpiment and gadgets as well as levels of intensity.  
Come on let's take this journey to the next level of fitness and physique together. Let's do this.
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