Opportunity shows up in so many different ways

For some reason some days i feel more enthusiastic than others, and some days more thankful for the amazing changes in our life..... blessed with so much!!! 
Things have changed for us so much in the past few years... for the better. We went through very stressful times in our lives a few years ago. 
So much work, so much to do, so much running around, a slave of my job, as a Realtor, managing a real estate office, 30 houses listed,  under contract, agents with their issues, working 7 days of the week up at 5am to be ready before my daughter woke up. Running around without proper eating all day long, running on Coffee and crackers, picking her up from school to take her to drive thru, grab chicken nuggets and fries and back to the office.  Daddy would pick her up, do homework, order pizza or chinese, feed her and bathe her, put her to bed,  and me not going back home until the night hours because it was one thing after the other...
It was just go go go go. My daughter was growing so fast and I wasn't present. I wasn't the one cooking their meals, I wasn't there to do the homework with her...I was under lots of pressure and stress and on top of that, the mind game and uncertainty of the real estate market at that point. Foreclosures and short sales galore.
I got sick! Stress, chest pains, excess weight gain, high cholesterol.... I felt so miserable but I didn't know better. I thought that's what life in this country was supposed to look like.
Then I had my second child, my baby boy, and I decided to leave everything behind because I needed to be MOM first. And in being mom I gained even more weight. Ended up at 220lbs, non pregnant. That's what I thought being a stay at home was supposed to be. Watch tv all day, wear big t-shirts and sweatpants, skip meals and then eat whatever cause the baby needs you, binge eat at night to catch up with the meals not eaten early. Big mistake.
And then Beachbody came to my life..... It was a long journey of sweat and changing eating habits... but most importantly, it's been a journey of finding myself, finding a passion for something I never knew I had... I get to help others while I myself stay on track.... My journey inspires others and i share with them my enthusiasm and little tips here and there that I've learned along the way and that have worked for me.  Impacted our family's health, no doubt about that, specially because high risk diseases run in our families.... 
Our finances have changed! our situation changed completely, we were able to say yes to the opportunity that came about to move to Florida, some of you know how much i wanted to move here! Man there is no better feeling than the peace of being able to pay for things cash, not add to the credit card debt,  lower credit debt, purchase school supplies, new clothes and shoes for my minions with peace of mind, not having to worry about how we are going to pay for it.  I work hard, Im not going to lie, but i get to do it on my terms and at my pace.... and with the amazing support of a team that shares the same excitement for life... the friends I've made, the places I've been to, the events I've attended, the personal growth and the fulfillment knowing that i am influencing hundreds of people in a positive way with my own story and mentorship is priceless.  
When I share with you my excitement and enthusiasm, my passion about having more people join me is because I know this could be what you have been looking for all your life. It was for me. It is my own business, my escape from the routine, my passion, my source of income, our family fun funds and savings, our freedom in the making.
Have you ever wondered if there is something else better out there for you? have you thought about pursuing it? I would love to share more about my business opportunity with you because, just as it was offered to me and at first i wasn't sure about it, it ended up being the biggest blessing I could have received at a moment where everything else was failing. 


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