Stuffed peppers- clean version

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Seriously easy and delicious.  

It's just a lot of veggies 

3 stalks of celery
2 small carrots
2 red bell peppers halved and inside seeds removed
1/2 white onion 
3 cloves of  garlic
1 cups rice already cooked 
Lean protein like ground turkey or chicken already cooked. 
handful of cilantro  all chopped small in the food processor then sautéed in a little coconut oil. Season with salt, pepper and a little turmeric. 

Then grabbed a big piece of chicken breast I had cooked already and ground it in food processor.  

Mixed everything together with brown rice  and then filled each half of pepper. 

Broiled for about 5 minutes and done. Yummy yummy. 
You can use also ground turkey, or lean beef and quinoa.  


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