Hard Boiled eggs

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Do you like hard boiled eggs?? 

Want me to give u the secret to cooking them to perfection? 
Hard boiled eggs are just perfect and so convenient. I cook about 10-12 of them and it makes a family friendly source of protein. You can keep them cooked in the refrigerator and grab them for your lunch box or when hunger strikes.

Ok so get a pot, place the eggs gently. Add enough water to cover all the eggs, not more. 
Cook them on high heat until water starts to boil. Turn off heat, cover and wait 10 minutes. And really this is serious, only 10 minutes, set a timer. 
Once the 10 minutes pass, place under cold water. Get rid of all the hot water and cover them with cold water. If eating them immediately, be careful cause they'll be really hot but delicious. Enjoy!!

I don't like to  eat anything that is past 3-4 days home made. But I tell u at my house they don't last past 2 days. 
But I've read that Hard boiled eggs kept with shell in the fridge last a week. Peeled eggs though is different. Keep  in the refrigerator in a bowl of cold water to cover for about 1 week (change the water daily) - or in a sealed container without water (cover the eggs with damp paper towels) for the same length of time.

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