We have accomplished so much this year! I feel that so many of you have been following my posts, my recipes, joined my challenge groups and I am proud to say that we have made a huge dent in the obesity trend, at least I've done my part.  I want to continue strong and finish the year strong! I don't want any of you to give up and I don't want any of you to just sit on the fence and "wait until January"! Your health is a priority! 

I am able to enjoy the Holiday treats ad parties without feeling deprived! I am going to help you stay on track so you don't waste all of your hard work and gain it all back this Holiday Season!!! Let's stay on track together! 

I've been thinking of ways to make sure we stay with the fight and we stay on track through the Holidays... With this being said, I am INVITING ALL MY CHALLENGERS, TEAM COACHES, CLASS PARTICIPANTS AND EVERYONE WHO FOLLOWS ME TO JOIN THIS CRAZY AWESOME GROUP!  I share with you everything that has worked for me! 

Check it out!!!! 

If you are interested in participating in this free accountability group, apply here asap ------>  

Use Wufoo integrations and get your data to your favorite apps.

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