It is hard. I know this. I've been there. I was heavy! 220lbs. It was hard! Losing 80lbs wasn't easy, maintaining the weight isn't easy, but man it is worth every effort and every drop of sweat! 

I didn't just wake up one day loving burpees πŸ˜…and push ups and feeling out of breathe. My heart was burning, my legs were itchy, I was nauseous. 😩😫 As a matter of fact I hated these feelings so much, but I wanted to be better. 

I didn't just lose the weight in a week or a month. It took weeks and weeks of trying and failing and celebrating and eating and feeling guilty but moving on. 
I didn't want to give up! I knew that giving up felt horrible. I wanted to know what not giving up would feel like. I focused every day on doing better than the day before, I wasn't expecting to be Chalene or Shaun T, I just wanted to be me, just a little better, just a little stronger. 

Still today, I don't aim at perfection, I aim at doing better than the day before. 
Still today I need motivation, and inspiration, not because I don't think it's worth the effort, but because there is so much I have to do, I feel tired many many times. 

Don't give up so easily! You have to stay strong and do a little better every day. That's all I ask from you. I say this in my classes every time, don't get frustrated because you can't keep up and go as fast as me or as high as me.... You do you!! You give it your best! 
Today Be better than you were yesterday! Tomorrow try to do better than you did today. 
The scale doesn't know this. It doesn't define your effort. You know this. You know the effort. 

Think about it! What if you don't give up! What if you keep pushing play! What if you are stronger and you don't just know it yet? What if you give it another chance? 

Your feeling of accomplishment and being proud of yourself is what matters. Not the number on the scale!!! 
Hope this helps you stay stronger, specially during these days coming up when it's cold, food is everywhere, our to do lists get so busy and we forget that without health, there is no wealth.

Do you need help? Are you struggling? Post below in the comments or send me a message. Let me help you figure this out. 

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