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This year I am Excited about Christmas at our home, not just because it's going to be a hot one here in Florida, not just because it's going to feel as if I was in my beloved Barranquilla. 

There's more reasons.  Year after year around this time, as the stores started loading up w Christmas decorations and toys everywhere, I felt suffocated, stressed, sad.... Target, toys r us, Walmart sending those huge magazines full of toys and what not made me sad. It was all nice and colorful and the kids would circle what they wanted and it was heartbreaking. We barely had enough money to pay the bills and food. No extra money to get the kids the toys they actually wanted. It was tough. 

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This year I am excited about Christmas and I cannot wait for Christmas Day because this mommy already started buying Christmas presents, the stuff they actually want and We are able to pay for it cash. And I'm not talking overspending going crazy spoiling the kids. I don't believe in that. I've been asking them what they want for Christmas and taking note because at every opportunity I have I escape to the store to buy exactly what they want, with a smile on my face and not a knot in my throat.

I REALLY want to do this for others this year. I truly want to Pay It Forward and teach you specifically how to do it!  
This may not come easy for a lot of my friends.  I know how hard it is to make ends meet.  I am on a mission to help others achieve their healthiest and fittest selves but I am also very passionate about the business part of what I do.  I also get to pay it forward and help  my team make extra income by helping others.  This holiday Season I want to pay it forward.  

Seeing my challengers and team Succeed is my biggest passion.  I put my heart and soul into helping them reach their goals, I show them how to accomplish what I've accomplished in less time, without reinventing the wheel and having to figure it out alone.  

You are probably wondering how are we going to do this.....???  Here's the plan! 

I will  take on 5 people, 5 brand new coaches committed to following our very simple plan! We are going to teach you how to focus on the right activities, how to share vs sell, how to be authentic, genuine and realistic with others and how to earn $500 this holiday season.  
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It will take you being willing to invite people to a holiday health and fitness accountability group which we will run togeth
I will do the majority of the work but you get to interact, help and support your customers and earn that commission.  I will teach you what to say, how to say it, how to feel like you are sharing an opportunity to help others vs just selling a product.  It's more about building that trust!  People genuinely see through the person who is just out to make a quick sale.  So we are going to do both with ease.

You will be a part of an exclusive closed online group where each day I will post a tip of the day, information, scripts, resources and documents to make your life easier.  We will teach you how to manage your time and give you a power hour so that you are not spending hours on end building a business.  Because honestly who has time for that right now!  I respect your time during the holidays and I want you to feel the freedom to choose!

Even if you have been considering coaching for a while now and haven't made a decision yet, it's really a great  time!  If you start now, you set the example for others over the holidays, you will find that people will come to you once the holiday season is finished because you have dedicated and inspiring!  You won't just earn $500 for the holidays but it will continue to increase over the next few months and years! It can be a part time gig or eventually a full time income.  It's totally a personal goal for you and I will match your effort and pace and I will never force you to reach a goal that doesn't fit your life!  

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With the launch of Hammer & Chisel in December there are so many opportunities for growth and new business!  You will have a much easier time with success if you start now vs later.  And this is just in addition to already successful programs that with no doubt are in a lot of people's wish list this Holiday Season... T25, 21 Day Fix, P90X, PIYO, Cize, Insanity, .... and of course our best selling Shakeology! 

** Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

Ok, let's get the ball rolling!  I am going to be creating the group and getting organized plus reading through the applications and selecting 5 people I feel have the desire and determination to reach success as a coach!

If you would like to be considered for a spot in the 
Cash for Christmas coach group please complete the application below.

Online contact and registration forms from Wufoo.

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