I recently read this article and loved it so wanted to share something that caught my attention and I recommend we implement, in order to achieve Success.  They say Success leaves clues.... well let's pick some up. 
They aren't hard things but it will take 21 days to make them a habit and you will do this if you are serious about being successful.
1. They Exercise: Look at majority of super successful people and you will find that they get their workout in n out of the way early in the am. This sets the tone for the day , gets their mind & body a boost of energy, & you won't skip it this way.
2. They Plan their day: always work from a to do list and plan out your day. I use my phone so it's always with me.
3. They Eat a healthy breakfast: it's crazy how many people skip breakfast because we are running out the door late for work. Take some extra time in the morning to fit in breakfast.
4. They Eat that frog: get the hardest task on your to do list DONE first so it's not in your head all day and you start procrastinating. Get it done now!
5. They Visualize: I do this a lot and it's awesome and fun! Try to take a few minutes to visualize your day and if you are writing down goals visualize yourself achieving those goals.
There you go! 5 things that ANYONE can do if they want to start being mega successful in their lives.

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