Work Hard but Work Smart! Life changing weekend!

I love these little people!!  They make life worth fighting for! 
We spent lots of time this weekend (hubby & I) chatting about our future, our dreams, our goals, our current activities and our team. It was such an eye opening exercise.  We spoke about our strengths, our weaknesses, our struggles, our successes, the things that we need from the other one. Communication!!! Key! And at times is hard because there's always a little person, or work, or a message, that get in the way of it! 

I also spent a little more time on personal development and personal growth not just for myself but to help our team succeed. Out of this we have come out reenergized, we have committed to changing some habits and making a few adjustments so that we can be better parents, better mentors, better coaches and kick butt entrepreneurs. Hubby works full time, I work from home and teach a few classes outside if the house  but both of us are working for a better future for our family. Our goal is to continue to work harder and smarter on our part time and build another income to allow us to have some more freedom and a better financial future for our family. No more living day by day, more planning, learning to say NO and prioritizing. I am the one who struggles the most with that 😁 I have a hard time saying no.  Here we go! Let's do this Carlos Chavez

Do you feel that you need a little break and reenergize yourself? Do it! You won't regret it. Slow down and look at the way things are goin in your life with family, health, work, volunteering, your hobbies! Think thoroughly about this! Seriously! Get pen and paper and write it down! What are your priorities? Where do you think you need to focus a little more, or a little less? 

Ok, those are my thoughts for now. Time to go change some lives through fitness. Time to get ready to teach Insanity ®. 

Work hard, but make sure you are working SMART! Life is too short to spend it just going through the motions! Enjoy life! Make a difference! Smile! 😉

Peas out! 

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