Let Beachbody change your life! It changed mine!

Has Beachbody changed your life?
I am so glad that I came across Beachbody when I felt like there was no hope and nothing that would help me lose weight and get fit. I had tried so many diets, think south beach diet, the onion soup diet, the tuna and pineapple diet, the Herbalife, the Atkins diet, the water pills diet, the hydroxycut pills, the no dinner diet.......you name it!! I've tried them ALL!!! Even L-carnotite injections. So silly!!! We all want the easy way out and that's really not the answer. It's not about "the diet" it's about having a plan and a support system that helps you stay accountable. 
Beachbody changed my life! In so many levels!! I can't be more thankful and excited to share my story every chance I get! 
- helped me get in the best shape of my life and keeps getting better👙
- got my health back! I think I'm the healthiest I've ever been 🍎
- has given me the opportunity to get certified in such superfun workout programs that turned me into a Fitness instructor which was one of my dreams growing up! 
- allows me to make an income from home while in care for my kids. No commute and crazy work hours for me. I am my own boss 
- I get to meet so many people all around the world!! Reconnect with old friends, make new ones and socialize. 
- I get to help people change their lives in different levels, their health, their hobbies, their finances. 

Feeling Blessed!!! Thank you Beachbody for this opportunity!! 

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