Life without Beachbody would be.....

I know I talk about One of my biggest passions which is fitness. I love it. But what most of you may not know is that i found this love not long ago. 
I fell in love with fitness because it gave me life back. Not just any fitness, but this specific "fitness" that came in a box and with it came a lot. 
As I started working out in my living room, me, a mommy of 2 back then, who went from being a busy Successful real estate agent, frustrated with the market, with banks who wouldn't approve short sales, frustrated with buyers who were Liars, frustrated with loans not being approved and months and months of work gone with the wind, time thrown in the garbage, precious family time all in the garbage because those contracts went nowhere after months and months of hard work. 
Up until then all I felt was this huge feeling of failure because none of my efforts were showing. Our family was struggling to pay the bills, my husband and I had grown apart because I would spend so much time outside of the house working, showing houses, making calls, signing papers, open houses!! All I cared about was my career and my desire to be the #1 agent in our area. He didn't get it! And the worst part was that my poor daughter was suffering. Her eating sucked and her time with me wasn't really that fun. 
I had my second son and the thought of going back to that life and that crazy schedule wrecked me. I know that was not for me. I needed to be close to them. All of them. So I quit my real estate career.  I handed over 20 contracts of houses I had going on to my then partner and I walked away from all of it. My name, my license, my years of experience, my potential income. I left it all and walked away from it. 
I took a leap of faith into this coach world I had no idea how or what to do but all I knew was that I felt amazing and that I wanted to help others do the same. Hey said no experience required, just have a passion for helping people, my jam! I was doing it already telling everyone about how I was losing weight doing DVDs at home. I wanted others to find fun and love for life again like I had. So I closed my eyes and said yes to this thing that we call Team Beachbody Coaching. 
With that a whole new level of growth and effort was going to be required. I was ok with it. For the first time I was doing something not for money, but because it felt good in my soul, luckily it came with an income opportunity attached to it. Passion and income combined.... Brilliant. 
I don't have all the answers, I'm still learning and figuring shit out but one thing is for sure, my life would be very different right now if I had listened to my fears and my negative voice. #lifewithoutbeachbody would still be negative, empty, probably I would be jumping from silly diet to diet, struggling with my emotions and health. 
I wouldn't be the strong, happy person I am today. I wouldn't have the friends I have today, I would have never met the beautiful people that are my team right now, I would have never met the mentors and people who encourage me and support me daily. I wouldn't have the freedom I have right now. 
Dude, life would probably look so much different right now.  It was scary to say yes! Me, the obese, unhappy mommy that I was would have never found her joy if it wasn't because I said yes! 
I can't tell you what being a coach would do for you but I know it will be a positive change. I can tell you that my health & my wealth are in a very different place right now because I was brave enough to say yes. I was brave enough to jump in and figure it out along the way. I was brave enough to close my eyes and trust myself and the people who wanted to help me. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it alone. I've never felt alone!

If you have ever considered becoming a team Beachbody coach or you have ever felt like you need something different in your life that gives you life and joy, let's talk. Let's chat about what I do and maybe being a coach on my team would be just the right fit for you! 
Email me at 

I'm always excited to bless other moms like me with this opportunity. It was life changing for me. 

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