What would happen if you don't give up?

This was me 6 years ago. I let myself go. I still look at this picture and ever time I get emotional. It means so much more than just a before picture. It was painful to take this picture. It was painful to look at it. But from that pain a desire to change was born!

I wasn't fit all my life. I hated getting sweaty and having to wash my hair so often. 
I got out of breathe. I was heavy. Tired. Sad. I had nothing to wear. Gish, I had no money to invest in me. But I needed to take care of me so badly. I was dying inside.

I share this picture with you as a reminder that you shouldn't look at my chapter 20 and compare it with your chapter 1. 

I struggled as much or more than you are struggling now, because I was doing this alone. I had no support group, I had no containers to measure portions, I had no one to check on me during the hardest times.... 

You have me and a huge community to support and accountability to help you. All you need is your determination and desire to succeed. The rest, we'll do it together.

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