We can all be Wonder Women, in our own little world

Hi friends.... ok so yesterday on my Facebook page I shared about my latest struggles, which I normally don't share because I like to spread positivity and focus on all the good because what we focus on, grows... but in order for me to keep things real and being transparent with you as I always am, I needed to share them with you.

I'm not looking for a pity party or sympathy.  In all honesty, my goal is to share this to tell you that you are not alone... EVERYONE has struggles and things going on in their lives, wether they can control them or not, is a different story.  the way they react to them is also another story, but the bottom line is it's our choice how we react to them.  I chose to be strong. I choose to be Wonder Woman in my own little World.

I am guilty of working more hours than I should be, that's because I have a huge goal I want to accomplish and lots of things to do to take me to that goal.  I've been putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself because I don't want to fail.  On top of that add that I am a busy mom of 3, and busy wife, I like most of our meals cooked at home, plus all these house chores.  I am always busy, busy, busy, it's my nature, my mind is always busy thinking and dreaming... this feeling of overwhelm is self inflicted.  I overcommit, I am a people pleaser and I say yes to everything.

I suspect I have adrenal fatigue, at least a lot of the symptoms, like weight gain, thinking hair, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, weakness and more energy later at night.
Now, I don't have a diagnosis yet, I may not even have anything that we should be worried about, which would just be perfect!!!! But I know I don't feel like myself lately.  I can just sit here and cry and give up.  I'm not.  I am changing things to change the way I feel.  Am I going to stop working out? NO! that would be crazy, exercise is the best stress reliever, best endorphins releaser, best way to feel healthy and alive. plus motivating you motivates me every day.  i only workout 30 minutes a day,, at home, that's plenty.

Things I am changing starting today:
-more green tea and herbal tea, less coffee
-more plants based eating, less dairy
-lean protein
-making lists of things I need/want to do so it is not all in my head
-not staying so late. my new bed time will be 10pm the latest and messages will have to wait till the next Morning
-establishing business hours and boundaries that I haven't really set until now
-do more of the things I used to enjoy but I let motherhood and business take away from me
-take some time weekly for myself, just me and my thoughts because although I enjoy being with people...man I love people... I need quiet time too
-sit on the couch every once in a while and watch movies with my hubby

as far as me being here for you..... THAT WILL NOT CHANGE.  I want to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.... I want all of us to feel good and live in a ridiculously awesome state of joy.  So I have some things I need to change, change is always good... take a few minutes of your day today and write down those things that don't feel ok with you right now... don't cry over them.  change them, try at least.  life is meant to feel good. we are on the right path I can tell you that! <3

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and concerns.... believe me I am ok.  I love my life! my life is blessed. I wouldn't change it for anything!

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