How do we get back on track now?

Silly! You never fell off track! You were just celebrating a special weekend just like any other woman around the world who was celebrating mothers' day. It is normal! 
Don't be such a perfectionist to think that because you had a bad weekend now everything goes to hell and you give up. 
No way! 
How do you get back on track?? 
You just do it. 

You get up and either do your workout early in the morning or you make sure nothing gets on your way of #nevermissamonday !!! Today you must exercise! Make it a nonnegotiable. You drink your Shakeology to help you remove all those undigested foods, to help you get rid of more cravings, to help you feel healthy again. Yeah, I know, I'm guilty. 2 days of not eating too clean make a hell of a difference and I'm paying for it. 

Anyway, back to business. Another extremely important must do: DRINK A LOT OF WATER with lemon if you'd like. It's awesome to aid in detoxing. 

And perhaps the most important activity right now, go back to your meal plan, grab your tracker or pencil and paper or go all fancy pants to a spreadsheet like the one I have here on my blog.... 

PLAN YOUR MEALS FOR THIS WEEK. If you don't plan, you will easily give in to temptation with the justification that oh well I messed up already. NO WAY! 
It's going to take a little bit of effort and work, but it's worth it and in a week you will be so proud and happy you did. 

That's it. No secret sauce, no magic trick. You just get back on track. Simple. 
Remember we said this would be your new lifestyle. You are making new habits and getting rid of old ones. Don't go back to the old one forever. 

You have to be 100% committed if you want to succeed. 

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