I Just wanted to look like them

Why are you here? Why keep going? What would make you go past the excuses and the I don't feel like its, and the failures? 

Your why. Nothing but your WHY! 

That same reason that made you decide to commit to get on this journey, that is your motivation to keep going. 
I am on the last week of insanity max and as I was going through the workout today I took off my tank top and looked in the mirror. I rarely take off my tank top, even though I workout at home and no one is around, I am still for some reason still weird about that.  Anyway, I looked at the mirror to check on my form and came to the realization that now I look like them.

From the day I started I made it my goal to look like them, the fit people on the screen. I wanted to look fit, lean arms, toned legs, I wanted to be the fit mom. I wanted to be that mom that people looked at and said wow, you workout? I've always had a lot of respect and admiration for moms like that. 

That has been my motivation throughout my journey.

Today I can say that I look like them. 

Some of you may be frustrated or thinking this is too hard, looking at the people on the videos and thinking oh forget it, This is hard, I can't do it, I'm not like them. I don't know if your goal is to look like them or perform like them but I Can tell you one thing, it is possible and if you commit to do whatever it takes, you can do it. 
All those guys you see on your screen every day, they are people just like us, they are moms, dads, employees, spouses, students, teachers, nurses, they get sleepy, they like pizza, wine, beer, they get tired and sick, but they keep going no matter what life throws at them. They are there and they keep going because their motivation is not to show off or to brag about what they can do, they are there to inspire us and show us what is possible! 

So if at any point during this journey you feel like giving up, Think about them, get inspired by them and think about your WHY!  Keep going! Keep fighting! 💥👊💪🙅 make this week count!! 
What is your why? Would love to hear your WHY....

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