It's not swagger!! I'm just too SORE!!

I must be making some Huge Improvements here because my MUSCLES are so SORE, even laughing Feels like torture. 

Dont get me wrong, i Love this feeling, Im absolutely Proud of it. 
See this soreness is a product of a 24 minutes 5k Race Last Saturday where i busted my b.u.t.t. and definitely  made it a point to run like I stole something. I didn't just run, I raced!! And won 3rd lace for my age group!! Epic and with that epic run comes EPIC soreness. 
Then adventured into the trails with my #runlikeadiva half marathon BARBIES and we ran 7 miles. I hated every minute of run but I did it!! 
The one thing I admire about long distance runners is the effort and sacrifice they put every day into their training. OMG! I couldn't do this if it wasn't because I committed to my dad's memory and to my divas!! These girls definitely keep me going. Aaaand also because, between you and I, I want to prove my hubby wrong. He thought I wouldn't be able to do this. Now that I have proved him wrong and put as many miles and sweat I have been able to, I can't wait for October 5th to be here. Wear my super awesome red outfit that will show my passion for heart disease and the fight of every one who suffers from any type of heart disease or has lost a loved to a cardiac event. This month will be the 3nd year anniversary of my dad's passing to a heart attack so he'll be in my heart every mile, and I will push through!! 

Let's add to all these the fact that I am a fitness instructor, and I can't just decide that I'm going to take a break and recover. Not happening. 

Nope! I simply can't. Round 9 insanity is here and it's going to make people sore!! I'm sore from teaching it!! Woohooo!! 

I have lives to touch and lives to change so sitting on the couch letting my muscles recover is not an option. 
What is an option is listening to my body and stretching it and continue with the plan. 
When you decide that you want to succeed more than you want to quit....there is no level of soreness able to stop you!! 
I want to succeed. I want to help my class participants succeed and that is my motivation to suck this soreness up and show up! 

So, if you are feeling sore today, I mean SORE which is different from PAIN from an INJURY, you need to get up and keep moving!  Stay focused and put a good fight because there is no soreness that will surpass the feeling of accomplishment when you see results. 

So, on this note, take an Epson salt bath, take a pain relief Med if you are into meds (I just took An ibuprofen, but consult with your doctor what they recommend for you specifically) and know that this is temporary. I Also eat more berries, beets,  lots of greens like spinach and kale and drink green tea. They all have anti inflammatory properties. I prefer natural ways of healing and recovering. 

If you just started a new workout routine or one of my challenge groups, you are supposed to feel this way. It's planned to be this way and there is a sequence in the videos, so just keep going and don't stop because you are SORE! Be like the cat in the picture. Walk with your chest up high and be proud of your accomplishments. I'm gonna try and do the same!! Ha! Better sore than sorry! 

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