Chick pea salad!

This is such an easy, nutritious, fit meal!
Make it a staple!! Make a big bowl and have it fresh or the next day. It tastes even better then because the flavors set. Sooo good!! 

Ok so the recipe for the chickpea salad is chop the onion and cucumbers in the Vidalia chop wizard!! It is one of my ahorita handy dandy kitchen gadgets lol chop veggies super fast!!

Then mix with garbanzo beans precooked of course. Season w olive oil (or not), lemon juice or vinegar (red wine or apple cider my favorite option) Himalayan salt, black pepper, oregano and done!! It's a great side dish and it's a success at parties!! 

I ate this today with grilled chicken and a small tomato from my bestie Beata. So yum!!! 

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