Is fruit ok after 2 pm for weight loss?

Based on my own experience, no it is not ok, and because of articles and chapters and chapters about nutrition that I have read to learn about how my body reacts to food and what the real necessary nutrients our bodies need to function properly, I recommend not eating fruit after 2 pm.   fruit is not bad, not at all, actually it is necessary good and it contains sugar, which would give you the fuel and energy necessary to go through the day plus of course other nutrients like fiber and vitamins and water.
So, instead I recommend you eat your fruits in the morning, before 2pm, and try to stick to veggies and protein in your after 2pm meals.

fruits at night Don't obsess about it though. The reason behind it, specifically for weight loss, is that when fruits are consumed towards the end of the day, your body simply won't be able to process it before bed time. That excess sugar consumed in the afternoon will turn into fat.  Most likely why you don't see changes in your mid section.
My recommendation: Have fruits and I also like to include tomatoes, red-orange-yellow peppers, onions, carrots, and all those colorful veggies earlier in the day.  Then focus on greens like cucumbers, green bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus, celery, green beans, and lots of lots of nutrient packed leafy greens like kale, spinach, water cress, romaine lettuce, etc, etc.  Fill your dinner plate with these.... guilt free!

Exceptions to the rule:
ok, so let's not obsess over this.  So if you feel a bit hungry and looking for an afternoon pick me up and then you have your workout session in the afternoon, go for it.  Have the apple with peanut butter or perhaps a cup of greek yogurt with a cup of berries, half of a banana, an orange.  Then it is ok because you are fueling for your workout and you'll burn it off then.

I get a lot of people come to me after class, I teach Insanity by the way, and it is usually the night people that says to me: "Paula, I'm working out so much but I don't get why I don't lose weight."
6 out of 10 times it's because of their wrong choices of food in the PM and/or after the workouts.
If this is you, believe me, you are not alone.  I used to do it, so put down the big bowl of fruit after your PM workouts and go for:
  • a light but nutrient packed plate of lean protein and green salad. 
  • a meal replacement shake, I can recommend some. email me at
One thing is for sure, I'd rather see you eating an apple at 9 PM even if it goes against my recommendation, than see you reach for the candies or junk foods.

Peas out folks!

Have any questions or specific areas you need help with?? Feel free to ask.


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